Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who is leading for Andrew Luck?

Who is the worst team in the NFL? I used my Pick Six column on Tuesday to handicap the race for Andrew Luck. Only, I am not allowed to say the name "Andrew Luck" on NFL.com. The Chiefs are this week's runaway winner, but I break down the top six right here.

Here is some of my other nonsense that I am spreading today (and getting you caught up on some of the older stuff).

Fox caves into pressure and plays Tim Tebow.

Sunday's fantasy winners and losers.

Here is my Pick Six biggest sucker punches of the weekend.



Robyn said...

I'm glad it's your job to handicap the Top (?) Six for the Suck For Luck Sweepstakes. After the first three teams it's a tossup.

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who is the worst team in the NFL?? hmmm let me think about it for a min.... I think that the worst team in the NFL is the dodgers!