Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who is feeling LUCKy?

Although I am verboten from writing the name on NFL.com, here is my Pick Six rankings of the teams heading towards the first pick in the draft. Which might or might not be used on that one quarterback from that team who everybody seems to be rather fond of.

In a mild upset, the fans are actually into this one. But then again, if you hated on this genius, then you really are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Thankfully, the CMs were on to me here, fantasy winners and losers.

The one Super Bowl we would all like to see, Bills vs. Lions. Some moran (sic), I think it was Micheal Silver of Yahoo!, wrote that Jim Irsay would have a hard time getting rid of tickets for that Super Bowl. And since I get a lot of hate mail, I hate to bash another writer, but that was incredibly worse than anything I have ever been accused of writing. The fans of the Lions and Bills would take over Indianapolis, and I would imagine that the atmosphere would be better than any game with the Steelers or Patriots. That was kind of an odd thing to write.

I had a couple of fantasy blog posts, but do you actually care about those? Yeah, I feel you. Talk at you later.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Pretend this was The Weak Ender

Long-time readers of this site (depending on where you see this) are still clamoring for The Weak Ender. And it now lives in another form. The Like/Dislike fantasy column is about as close as we can get to TWE on NFL.com. I suggest you subscribe to my RSS feed on NFL.com or be sure to catch it. Because of the publishing time, I will try to add this every Friday morning just like always, but to be safe, I would ask you just be patient.

Here was the column from Friday.

And here was a view from the time machine.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who is leading for Andrew Luck?

Who is the worst team in the NFL? I used my Pick Six column on Tuesday to handicap the race for Andrew Luck. Only, I am not allowed to say the name "Andrew Luck" on NFL.com. The Chiefs are this week's runaway winner, but I break down the top six right here.

Here is some of my other nonsense that I am spreading today (and getting you caught up on some of the older stuff).

Fox caves into pressure and plays Tim Tebow.

Sunday's fantasy winners and losers.

Here is my Pick Six biggest sucker punches of the weekend.