Friday, August 05, 2011

The Weak Ender: Anne Hathaway new Catwoman

Are we alright with the selection of Anne Hathaway as the new Catwoman? I am down with it. Actually, I'm digging it. The thing that would make it better is if Hathaway's penchant for nudity would make it into this film. What was the name of that Romcom where she spent a lot of time naked? I never saw it because even that seemed like too much to sit through to she here. But I would be willing to sit through the latest Batman to catch a glimpse of her.

Here are some links to get you through today.

Road trip! The Dave Dameshek Football Program makes a road trip from Pittsburgh to the Hall of Fame. There is plenty of hooey and applesauce as the host likes to say.

And look, it's a bonus podcast with Marcus Allen, be sure to listen.

More Marcus Allen: Let's get Damon Allen in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It is the "Pro" right.

Even more Marcus Allen: At least he's on my side here on the return of football to Los Angeles.

Well, my opinion might be here eventually. Keep checking back.



WCT said...

WTF? is this blog back from the dead? Did the blogging world need another mediocre, almost-informative, sports-ish blog?

DAWUSS said...

When's the SBBK coming?

Bain said...

Oh yeah. Here's a shot of Anne Hathaway wearing nothing but shoes.

Pay per head said...

I don't know they have been trying so hard to bring her to the big screen. It didn't work last time it is better to left her rest.