Monday, August 01, 2011

We have bush!

Justin Verlander called Erick Aybar's bunt attempt to breakup his no-hitter in the eighth inning "bush league." Even though Verlander's own manager Jim Leyland was cool with it.

What really is "bush league" is throwing the ball away on purpose. Which is what it appears that Verlander did when he tossed Aybar's bunted ball into right field. Amazing how somebody can be so in control, yet throw the ball so wildly.

The who incident inspired this Pick Six about possible unwritten NFL rules that we would love to see.

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Seitz said...

Man, I don't know. I watched a lot of the 2006 World Series. It's hard to believe a Tigers pitcher intentionally threw a ball away when they're so good at doing it unintentionally. Chances are had Verlander tried to throw the ball away on purpose, it would have sailed right into the fielder's glove.

Diane said...

"The only acceptable situation was Marcus Allen signing with the Chiefs, because Al Davis deserved that."

You speak the truth.

Is baseball the sport with the whiniest pro players? Seems like it. A lot.

THN said...

Baseball easily wins that contest for whiniest players and unwritten rules. said...

The writer is totally fair, and there is no question.

Pay per head said...

I didn't know that it was something usual in players. It is impressive that they changed the rules according to his habit.