Wednesday, August 03, 2011

O.J. Simpson on two greatest lists

O.J. Simpson is in the top-five of two special lists -- and neither one has to do with getting away with murder. No, Simpson is one of the greatest running backs ever, and he is also one of greatest NFL actors to portray a policy officer.

And with the passing of Moses Hightower, here is a look at the six greatest leaps from the gridiron to on-screen cop.

There is another list that was put together when trying to figure out Marshall Faulk's place among the all-time great running backs. He has to be behind Simpson here, too, right?



DAWUSS said...

This blog is back! WOW

JW said...

Too bad this list only cover's footballers who played cops, because who can forget Alex Karras as both Mr. Pappadopolous and Mongo?

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Ironically he performed as an officer and he was involved in one of the most controversial cases.