Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aaron Rodgers needs a new nickname

Long time, no update, and much apologies to anybody clamoring for some new posts. The ball has been dropped like a pass from Eli Manning. Though, that would be an interception. Oh, and on that note, (expletive) me and my fantasy teams that have led me to draft Eli Messiah. What a flipping joke.

But by banking on Eli so much on my NFL.com and NFL Network leagues, this will give me a chance to start referring to him as Eli Messiah, so this could be a good thing.

In any event, the lead story today is that we need a new nickname for Aaron Rodgers. My Suggestion? Thunderlips, based on his new mustache. Spread the word people, this should really catch on.

Some links for you guys to catch up on.

  • Of course you knew I would have to weigh in on this Lane Kiffin deal, right? Here it is.
  • Did you know that I write a near-daily fantasy column, too? Well you can check out this one about -- who else -- Peyton Manning.
  • This is weird, my proclamation that the Cowboys are missing the playoffs has not drawn much heat at all. That is weird.
  • One more thing, check out my show, NFL.com Fantasy Live. We are on both NFL.com and NFL Network. But you can check it out here.



MKDAWUSS said...

You should start incorporating the THN nicknames over on Pick 6. Just saying. It'll wind a few people up over there. ;)

mart said...

the GA started? why am I beng keptowt?

Aaron Rodgers said...

Hey Mark! Freddie Mercury's on the phone. He says to quit thieving his clothes!

Kaiser said...

so...this is just going to be a vehicle for your NFL.com shit?

/delete bookmark

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Pay per head said...

I don't think that any name would suit him better the Eli Messiah. It fits as ring in a finger.