Friday, April 01, 2011

The Weak Ender: What an era

When somebody tells me that Britney Spears is making a comeback, I might be in the minority, but I am pretty happy about it. Does she walk into bathrooms barefoot? Of course.

Does she have her kids on her lap when she drives? She sure does.

But pound for pound, is there anybody hotter when she is in her "Toxic" shape? That's hard to argue.

And now she's trying to get back into the game, well, I'm a fan. I don't care who knows.

Opening Day was on Thursday. And to be honest, I am going to cut this short because of that. Because I did get into my cups during the day, especially after the Angels won a close one.

But come on, the world is just a better place when baseball was back in season, and Britney is trying to be hot again.

So I apologize. Not a great week (unless you follow me at my real job under my real name), but we'll crank it up again.


Diane said...

Dude. Everyone is hot at 17. Especially wearing spandex sparkles and dancing with a snake. Not everyone reverts to being a hillbilly by 25.

Angels are in first!

The Hatriot said...

But pound for pound, is there anybody hotter when she is in her "Toxic" shape? That's hard to argue.

Worst. April Fool's Post. EVAR.

Concur with Diane: Teenage Brittany was marginally hot in a white trash/jailbait sort of way- the living punchline of a farmer's daughter joke. Now? I wouldn't fuck her with Ann Coulter's dick. Anybody hotter? I don't have time and you don't have the bandwith. I'll just keep apples to apples and pick a female musician at random. Let's see... How about Esperanza Spalding? A hot Puerto Rican chick with a Cleopatra Jones 'fro who can kick ass on double bass and sing like bird? Yeah. I'd bang that like a screen door in a hurricaine. Unlike Brittany, she doesn't need auto-tune and I'm willing to bet she doesn't cry out "Get off me Dad, you're crushing my smokes!" during la petit mort. In general I prefer women who possess their sexuality, rather than are possessed by it.

On the other hand, if you dream of sex on the stained formica table of a double-wide with a woman who smells like menthols and sloe gin, while you listen to her pit bulls maul her naked, dirty toddlers out in the "yard" where the rusting '84 El Camino sits on cinder blocks, Brittany's your girl.

Gordon said...

The captain wired in he had water comin' in, and the good ship and crew was in peril.