Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Weak Ender: This Isn't Happening

The NFL released it's schedule this week. What a bunch of Billy Mumphrys -- a bunch of cockeyed optimists believing that there will even be a season next year. But a couple of things stand out about the Chargers schedule.

The Chargers play four of it's first five games at home. Which will be awesome when the first month of the season is erased.

The Chargers also don't have a game in late October, ensuring that there will not be a glimpse of the Chargers Girls in Halloween costumes. noticed this, too, and pointed it out here.

That writer for the NFL was on fire this week. He had a number of great stories.

Here are some fantasy football predictions.

Here are some gift ideas for Candice Crawford in honor of Tony Romo's birthday.

And continues to take the piss out of Hugh Jackman, too.


The Hatriot said...

Hey, isn't that NFL writer appearing at benefit somewhere tomorrow along with a two awesome bands featuring a THN contributor? I heard there was no cover charge!

Adam Rank said...

I wish the guys who ran this site would post a link to that show.

Bain said...

You guys go easy, now. Don't forget what happened the last time you shared a stage!