Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Weak Ender: At least the Sox are losing

I'll be honest, I have no discernible reason for having a photo of Ursula Andress up here. Maybe I'm just in a Rat Pack mood. Although not a classic Rat Pack gal, she had been linked to many entertainers of her era, and I believe she was married to John Derek at one point.

But let's get down to business. Our pal the Reverend still is not over the U Conn win on Monday. And the text keep coming in daily. But maybe U Conn's good fortune is bringing doom and gloom to the Red Sox.

The (rhymes with bunts) are currently 0-5, and what's interesting to note here, is that no team has ever started 0-5 and then gone on to win the AL pennant. But watch, they will sweep the Yankees and then the Sox will start to run away with the division.

Still, it's entertaining to see the team that many thought could go 162-0 (seriously) stumble so badly out of the gate. And that base running error to end the game on Thursday was priceless.

D.J. Gallo of the Sports Pickle said it best saying that the Red Sox could do the reverse Patriots and lose every game except for the last one. That would be kind of cool. But even then, ESPN would have the Sox in its top five power rankings.

But let's hope for America's sake that the Sox continue to lose.

And look, the Angels home opener is on Friday. Of course, the weather sucks this week. But nothing beats this weekend. Finally on a Friday again. Get ready for some drunk tweets this weekend.

PICK SIX is a new daily feature on that I have become rather fond of. A couple of the better ones this week.

Martellus Bennett's greatest hits. Although, the author -- likely because of's restrictions -- was very vague about Bennett's video escapades which included the "Black Olympics" featuring the Cowboys tight end calling himself the Michael Phelps of fried chicken. But the author did get Bennett again right here.

My favorite, potential assailants for the Donovan McNabb hit and run. Love No. 5 on that list. Guess you can say whatever you want about Rush Limbaugh.


There are conflicting reports, but Raiders owner Al Davis could be in serious condition up in Oakland. All kidding aside, he could be near the end.


The Hatriot said...

Guess you can say whatever you want about Rush Limbaugh
Yeah. It's not like Closet McBoylover is an admitted abuser of the hillybilly heroin... oh... wait. Frankly, he got off light. I would've guessed he was fishing around for his bottle of bootleg viagra and the underwear of the Dominican boy he smuggled back after his last sex tour to South America (go ahead and google "limbaugh+viagra+dominican").

OT, but why haven't they caught those two assholes who beat up the Giants' fan? I've seen the sketch. How hard can be it to go down to the swap meet and ask for Sleepy and Li'l Joker? Hell, Sad Girl is just itching to roll them over for the reward. $50K buys a lot of Aqua Net and stetch shorts.

Diane said...

Couple years ago, board a plane to New Orleans, wondering through a slightly drunken haze, why everyone was wearing a Dodgers cap. Answer? They were all heading to NOLA for the Raiders/Saints game. Dodgers games are the new black (and silver).

Highly approve of this week's TWE gal. Best. Bond girl. Ever.

Bain said...

Strange that Michael Strahan hasn't been questioned about McNabb's lawn. said...

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