Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Post Mortem: What a melt down

Holy Tin Cup, Batman. That poor Rory McIlroy ... could you even watch such a thing? That was just awful.

And then you realize that he plays golf for a living, and then you really don't give a (expletive).

Besides, how upset were the Masters folks that an African-American won the tournament?

Just kidding people, lighten up.

I HAVE the most hate for Boston. A terrible, nearly worthless city. And their sports teams are even worse. On Friday, the unthinkable happened to me at the gym. No, it wasn't that I was actually at the gym. Rather, I cheered when A-Rod hit a home run.

Sure it was against the Sox. Sure it was against John Lackey. But there should never be a circumstance where rooting for the Yankees is acceptable.

However, you have to love how the Boston fans are finally starting to turn on Lackey. The boos, and even the newspapers are starting to rip him. Maybe the Angels knew what they were doing when they let him go.

Though, they should not make that mistake with Jered Weaver. And any organization which wants you to buy a schedule magnet on the home opener starts to wary me just a touch.

OH AND did I mention that it was cold for the 14 inning game I stayed for? That was the kind of game where you would have been better off drinking beers in the parking lot for nine innings and then coming in for the rest of the game.

GOMER'S WIFE is upset that newspapers have been reporting the birth of her twins.

That's probably because the kids don't look like Peyton.


What you have all been waiting for, the Cowgirl interview.


Diane said...

Ok, I had to stop listening when George S. described Cowgirl as a "tv host." Also, the phrase "rebuild her career."

Instead, I watched the video of old Britney and new Britney having a "dance off."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm certain everyone from Boston gives a rats ass that some schmuck from a free-bowl-of-soup website like this hates Boston teams.
Lose much?