Monday, April 04, 2011

Jay Bilas is right, Big East deserved just one team

Some thought that Jay Bilas was just absurd when he said that only team from the Big East that deserved to be in the tournament was Connecticut. Or at least that was the impression that I got while listening to him talk this week.

For some reason, U Conn has really started rubbing me the wrong way. Almost like they were sorta-Duke like. I thought I was alone in my seemingly irrational hatred of U Conn. Even though the referees really seemed to zap San Diego State's momentum with a bogus technical foul call on a phantom bump.

But my good friend The Reverend passed along this unsolicited text message moments are Duke-conn's win.

Thanks Big East for bringing your crap brand of hoops to the big dance. Go (expletive) yourself (expletive) holes (expletive) suckers. You can take it away from U Conn when it is caught cheating again (expletives).

Is that all?

I think I am going to put on a sandpaper glove and pleasure myself. It will be much more enjoyable than that (expletive). I have not been this disappointed about something since prison sex.

Are they like Duke at all?

Yeah without the rule following (good point). The Most Interesting Man in the World just killed himself during that (expletive).

And then we decided to call them U (rhymes with bunt). Seriously, who knew this anger lurked?

ESPN HAD a rather interesting video about Duke's upset over UNLV 20 years ago. Good stuff. Tough to admit, but Coach Kryhjgdfsertuyski had a solid game plan against UNLV.

And coach Tarkanian had a rather cryptic quote about the game, too, telling his team that it can't play in a close game because it won't get any calls.

And cue the shot of Greg Anthony's bogus fifth foul, driving the lane with an obvious block. The and-one would have been the dagger.

But in something that you rarely see in sports, the team with the inner-city black kids got jammed in favor of the alleged "good guys."

Oh, and then they insinuated that UNLV threw the game. Classy.

Speaking of the Rebels -- a quick check of the wires here -- the school cannot go wrong with former players Dave Rice or Reggie Theus taking over the job (I wish I still wrote for Fan House). But if you want to bring back the glory days, Theus needs to get that gig.

His track record at New Mexico State says enough. He's got to get that gig. And if UNLV hires him, look for the Rebels to return to the Final Four soon.

EAGLES WR DeSean Jackson certainly has a high opinion of himself. Check out this quick blurb on


Really enjoyed Wrestlemania, though many in the IWC are calling it a glorified RAW. I think that one thing that is happening is that the Rock kind of sucks. Listen, nobody marked like me when the Rock returned. But when you see him compared to Stone Cold, you remember who the best guy was during the Attitude Era.

He was down the list behind SCSA and Shawn Michaels.

Lately, though, the Rock has bored me. Not to HHH levels, but close.

And now we have to wait a year for his match with John Cena? Well, if it keeps them off television for that long, I'm all for it.

BTW, what the (expletive) has happened to Wade Barrett that he's getting pushed down the card? This kid was a riser and this is how they are treating him? Unreal. He has the Intercontinental title, I guess, but this is just strange booking.


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