Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Weak Ender: Women ain't cheap

I am starting to get upset with the producers of V or whomever is telling Laura Vandervoort that she needs to lose weight. Because she was absolutely lovely as Supergirl, but is becoming way too skinny on V.

Is she trying to make her face look more reptilian?

Are girls striving for that Charlie Sheen chic look?

Because it's working. You already made Anna go with the Annie Lennox look, and now you are making Laura way, way too skinny. Not cool at all.

SPEAKING OF young ladies, Tiki Barber is learning the hard way that young (female dogs) aren't easy. Or cheap. Barber's bad life choices have led him to seek a return to the NFL and the millions he walked away from when he was in his prime.

Barber's personal problems are of public record, but I could not help but be tickled one when commenter on one of the sports boards opined, "We don't know what Tiki's wife was like, so we shouldn't judge."

And you have a point, slick. For all we know, Ginny could have been a horrendous shrew who got what was coming to her. But we don't know that.

What I do know, is that she was eight months pregnant with twins when he started shacking up with some college coed. You might want to walk out on your wife, but on twins? Nah, there is no justification for what he did. And simply, he's a douche bag. There is no excuse to walk out on your twins like that.

But this story will have a happy ending. The best result would be for a team to take a chance on Tiki and one of his teammates decides to order the code red on his ass during training camp. That would be the best possible scenario.

The likely scenario is that he will get a sniff, but will be cut before training camp even starts.

And another scenario, though unlikely, would be for Tiki to return, have a great season and have his team win the Super Bowl. How is this a great outcome you ask?

Well if Tiki does well and gets all of the accolades, the whore who would cheat on a married man expecting twins will likely get dumped for a younger, hotter model.

Personally, I'm holding out for Tiki to crash into a tanker carrying Magic Johnson's blood, which he consumes through an open gash on his balls.

That's just me.

THE LAKERS may have lost on Thursday night, but at least nobody is crying about it. Hey TNT, though, playing that game on a weeknight in the afternoon, that seems like smart planning.

ANYBODY USING the Youtube to MP3 adapter for free? It's the tops.


Looks like the NFL is going forward with the lockout, barring some sort of miracle. I think you would have a better chance of getting Bud Grant to smile at a blackjack table after some plopper just split a pair of 10s on a bad count deck.

And to be honest, this is exactly what the NFL owners wanted when they originally hired Opie way back when. The power brokers like Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft and Jerry Richardson want to break the union. If you don't think Richardson is serious, realize that he fired his two boys.

The NFL owners envy the financial setup of Major League Baseball. Jones and Kraft, in particular, own the Yankees and Red Sox of the NFL, so they see how much money they are missing out on by having to share with some of the smaller markets.

Anybody who witnessed Jones trying to put seats into every crevice of Cowboys stadium, this guy loves his money. And you can bet that he cringed at the thought of two small-market teams playing in the Super Bowl made his stomach churn.

These guys are going to do everything in their power to break the union, make more money and try to widen the divide between the upper crust teams and the small-market teams that just get by.

That's been Jones plan ever since he came to the NFL in 1989, and now he has a commissioner in his pocket who will help him achieve that goal.

This mess is going to get bloody, and even though the league lost out trying to swindle that extra money on a TV deal, the owners will win out because the players are dopes.

The owners have the money and that whole 18-game nonsense was a stroke of genius because they already have the players on the run, bargaining against something they didn't want in the first place.

It is so underhanded that you almost have to admire them. But at the end of the day, they are going to cost people jobs and that blows. Though, it does seem to be the American way -- making conditions as brutal as possible, keep a few rich, and make sure nobody has health care. Yep, that's America.

And I'm pissed.


Bokolis said...

Pimpin' ain't never been easy for the pimps. Imagine how tough it is for Tiki, who was a
before his morality became an issue...proverbial clubhouse lawyer thought of as the owners' house ginger by the real bruhhs on that team.

Diane said...

I'm pretty sure THN was writing posts a couple years ago on how PW'd Tiki was early retiring to keep his shrew of a wife happy . . .

THN said...

How did you remember that?

We made fun of Yoko for making Tiki retire. Not sure that is enough of reason to walk out on her while she was eight months pregnant with your twins. So she might have Yoko’d his career, he is still a dick for walking out.

Looking at some of the posts that followed, we did take the piss out of Tiki for announcing the retirement early to get a hero’s sendoff (which he did from Joe Buck). There was a story from Andy Schefter (as we called him) saying that Tiki wanted to go out on top with a huge win in the Pro Bowl.

So I think we have been consistent. My point was we don’t know what kind of a woman that Yoko is. But she didn’t deserve what she got, and she certainly didn’t deserve the public display of hiding in girl’s dorm rooms and the other nonsense.

Diane said...

Just think how smart I'd be if I filled my head with other stuff . . . :-)

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