Monday, March 07, 2011

Tom Zbikowski: Pipe it

Tom Zbikowski announced today that he wants to fight Chad Ochocinco. And almost immediately America said, "Who the hell is Tom Zbikowski?"


Apparently Zbikowski plays for the Ravens. He's a safety. And he hasn't murdered anybody so he quickly falls down the list of Ravens I would have ever heard of. He has a website (but anybody can get one of those). Zbikowski has started 14 games in his three seasons in the NFL.

Alright, I am already bored with this guy.

Not surprisingly, news of this challenge came as Zbikowski prepares for his fight on Saturday. Well that is convienient. Zbikowski even invited Ochocinco to be a guest at his latest fight. Good lord, could you try harder dude? Did the mowhawk thing not work out for you previously and this is what you have resorted to?

This guy is a douche.

I might not always find Ochocinco to be entertaining, but at least he's in the main event. People have heard of him. Guys barely above the practice squad should probably refrain from calling out guys who actually make a living playing in the NFL. This ploy for attention is weak, but probably fitting for a guy who plays for the Ravens.

Let me know when Ochocinco is challenged by an actual NFL player.


Diane said...

And it's not even the league's worst Mohawk.*

*See Merriman, Shawne

Seitz said...

True story: I was at Tom Zbikowski's final high school game. He was a hot shot QB, but the big schools were only recruiting him as a DB. Still, he was one of the top high school QBs in Chicagoland.

This was maybe the IHSA quarter or semi-finals. It was freaking cold outside with snow flurries. He was playing for Buffalo Grove against Mt. Prospect, where my friend coaches. Z got popped in the first half and probably suffered a concussion. Threw two or three interceptions after that and Mt. Prospect ran up a lead.

Buffalo Grove came back with someone else at QB, but for the for the final drive trailing by less than a touchdown, they put Z back in. He handed off to the fullback on pretty much ever play, and the guy was just blowing through the Mt. Prospect defense for 8 or 9 yards every carry. Buffalo Grove drove it to the one yard line with about a minute to go. Everybody had to figure the fullback was going to get the ball. But Z called his own his own number for a QB sneak. Fumble. Mt. Prospect recovered and Z's high school career ended.

So yeah, he was a douche in high school, too.

Seitz said...

Also, the dude was at least a real boxer at one time, kinda. I think he was a golden gloves champ in high school

The Indian from the Village People said...

Hey, how come the band never told me they were getting back together?

ROBERT said...

you are a so called nfl fan and you dont know who Zbikowski is, i guess since he doesnt play for the Raiders that would make sense. come on now the comment about him just being a step away from the practice squad is far from the truth. dude do your homework before you write a so called article.

Anonymous said...

You are a moron the guy started half the season for the Ravens who were at the time the number one defense against the pass. All of you're articles are trash which is fitting being that you are a Raiders fan. I apologize that the best possible season for you raider fans this year would be a lockout.

Anonybain said...

Who the hell runs this place? Whoever it is, I bet he has a big red nose, crazy colored hair, and giant shoes to boot. Do you know why? Because he's a clown, that's why!

Of all the Raiders fan sites, this one is the most worsely writted, and I say that as someone who knows what's what. No one's ever put one over on me, pal, and I pity the fool who tries. To even look at me funny is an unwise choice, and yes, I can see you now. You just made a face. Welcome to my shit list.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. Zbikowski was an all-american at Notre Dame, played half the season for the number one Defense (Ravens) in the league and you don't know who he is? He is also 2-0 as a professional boxer and has a bigger fight coming up later this year.

Anonyradbain said...

Tom Zbikowski is practically a household name. Assuming the house in question has "Zbikowsky" on the mailbox.

I think I also saw him mentioned in a Jeapordy question once and, uh.... oh, shit... sorry. That was Zbigniew Brzezinski. I guess Tom will have to beat him up now, too.

But seriously, we've all heard of the Coen Brother's film, The Big Zbikowski, right?

Oh great. Now I just got Jeff Bridges beaten up.

Pay per head bookie said...

I think that it is the first question for everybody. But at least he went big against Chad Ochocinco