Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Fabulous

The Monday after selection Sunday brings about one of the greatest traditions in sports. No, not filling out your March Madness bracket. No, the greatest tradition in sports is figuring out which school was jobbed out of an NCAA berth.

Now that, my friends, is fun.

Colorado, congratulations, you are this year's school that should be there. Not that it will be much consolation, but Colorado would likely get bounced early, so what are you really missing out on?

Although, watching San Diego State get a No. 2 seed, does anybody think that the Pac-10 made a mistake taking Colorado over SDSU? The Aztecs have the better football program, the better baseball program and no doubt a better baseball program.

I am sure there is some sort of academic interest of taking Colorado, but when Arizona State is part of your conference, you cannot be too high brow.

The Aztecs will just have to console themselves with a trip to the Final Four.

Speaking of SDSU, Marshall Faulk was interviewed during the Mountain West championship game by Lindsay Soto -- co-workers over at NFL Network -- and she said that Marshall was the most famous SDSU alumni. And Marshall kind of shook his head like, yeah, that's right.

Uh, have the two of you heard of Tony Gwynn? The announcers were quick to talk about Gwynn and Michael Cage (not that he's in the class of the previous two), but come on. I'll forgive Lindsay because, well, just look at her.

But Marshall should know better.

MORE TOURNAMENT talk will happen later this week, along with an invitation to the bracket.


If you missed ESPN's documentary on the Fab Five, do yourself a favor and watch this thing. The whole 30-for-30 has swung and missed on some great ideas like the Raiders in Los Angeles and the USFL.

This was the best I have seen of the series.

I dug the Fab Five when it burst on the scene in the 1990s. Although, I grew to dislike Chris Webber over the years. Probably because he was a Sacramento King. But Jalen Rose comes off great. All of those who participated really did (Webber declined).

Rose, though, really drove it home.

There is nothing I can say that will do it justice. So I will just again encourage you to check it out.


R.J. said...

You have SDSU going to the Final Four, too? I think we can take Duke and UConn this time.

Bain said...

K-Stew and I were looking forward to hanging at the student union to watch the Buffs roll, but I guess now we'll have to drop the pretense of basketball and just attend to hotties.

btw, Hater, I can't help but think you had something to do with this.

Bain said...

Shit. Let's try that again.

Diane said...

Here's some more useless trivia - I was at the final game of the 1988season where Michael Cage clinched the rebounding title. One of the few Clippers' franchise highlights.

DAWUSS said...

Where's the annual Pete Gillen piece?