Wednesday, March 02, 2011

He's just better than you

Bills LB Shawne Merriman got into a Twitter war with WWF Superstar CM Punk recently over an incident that happened pool side in Costa Rica. The news of this ‘tweef’ came as a big shock to everybody because most did not realize that Merriman was still in the league.

Really, did you know Merriman was still playing?

The gist was that Merriman apparently tried to rush some of the WWF divas, was rebuffed, and Punk called him out on it. Then the name-calling ensued. Hey, the Bills suck in the Super Bowl. ... You are a wrestler? I thought you were the pool boy. And it was kind of hilarious.

The whole thing between Merriman and Punk was rather disappointing. I understand that sometimes an athlete feels like he is being disrespected. That he has to respond when called out in public. But this is a case where you should be the bigger man. To walk away. As Gunny Highway once said to Profile after being punished by Major Powers in the classic Heartbreak Ridge, “Don’t give the prick the satisfaction.”

So come on Punk, what is the matter with you? Why are you even condescending to talk to Merriman? Punk you are the top of the card in the WWF, the best thing in professional wrestling. Why are you talking to a guy who is the Zack Ryder of the NFL?

If Tila Tequila can fend off Merriman’s advances, do you think that the WWF Divas really need your help?

And think of that for a moment, Merriman went from Pro Bowl LB to jobbing to Tequila to now being embarrassed on Twitter abroad. And let’s not overlook the delicious irony of the WWF’s straight edge superstar laying the smack down on the NFL’s most notorious steroid abuser not named Brian Cushing.

CM Punk likes to tell WWF audiences that he is better than they are. I wish he would have exercised that restraint in this instance.


Diane said...

Although I follow Merriman, I must have missed this due to the distraction of watching THN try to get Tim Tebow's attention on twitter.

The Greek said...

Point of order, Dean Ulich.

It was Major Powers, not Lt. Ring, that dropped the hammer on Profile.

THN said...

Oh crap, you are right.

Bain said...

Now this is interesting: an audio clip of the actual exchange between Merriman and Punk at the pool.

THN said...

I was laughing before I even clicked the link, and it did not disappoint once I heard it.

Pay per head said...

I would like to know what happened in CR. It sounds like something messy happened there.