Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Weak Ender: Where has she been?

What a bummer week for those who were looking forward to the Pro Bowl. Sorry folks, it has already been played. What a bummer.

But since we are here, where have they been hiding Sarah Shahi? A former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader that has floated around nearly anonymously -- at least to me -- until she popped up on one of those USA shows.


I don't know what this show will be about, but I will never miss an episode.

TURNS OUT A-Rod was upset that the cameras caught him being feed popcorn by Cameron Diaz and the Yankees slugger is kind of pissed about it. And you can certainly see his point. I wouldn't want anybody to know that I was sleeping with Cameron Diaz, either.

I don't mean to say that A-Rod could pull a Sarah Shahi because, well, she seems to have a brain in her bleeping head. But surely there has to be some bubbleheaded Hollywood bimbo who would be willing to fill that role.

Is Eliza Dusku still dating Rick Fox?

Really, there was no celebrity couple that was better than A-Rod and Yoko Hudson. I am still rooting for those kids to get back together. Because there was not a more contemptible duo since Melissa Rivers started tagging along with her mother on the red carpet.

Oh, and I guess it turns out that A-Rod had reportedly told FOX producers to stop putting him on TV. Well, Alex. There certainly is a way that could have kept you off the radar. You could have just stayed home.

But wait, how could put your mug on that big screen? And pitty for those in Dallas who had to see that stuff on Jerry Jones' giant TV screen. Those folks are the ones who deserve the refunds.

HAVE NOT had the chance to talk about the Pro Football Hall of Fame, yet.

The announcement for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s new class is kind of tricky because as we celebrate the current class, we have to talk about those who did not make it.

And you end up feeling like Adam Baldwin’s character in Independence Day who is cheering after they finally defeated the aliens but runs into Russell Case’s kid, and has to console him before then finding a young lady to make out with during your celebration.

So congratulations to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2011. I don't really have some glarring problems. I am happy that Ed Sabol got in. Those ingrate players should realize just how important the Sabols were to the development of the NFL.

But here are some guys who deserve to be enshrined next year –- and with a shallow class of first-time eligible players and coaches next year (Bill Parcells maybe?) many of the guys who just-missed this year could be in line next year.

So here are six guys I would put in the Class of 2012:

6. Sterling Sharpe
Hall of Fame WR James Lofton said that Sharpe was one of the most dominant players at his position and would have challenged Jerry Rice’s numbers had he stayed healthy. And there is some truth there. I would put him in much the same vein as Gale Sayers, who was voted in. And I consider him way more worthy than Cris Carter and Tim Brown -- dependable but not great receivers.

5. Andre Reed
Reed would be in the Hall of Fame if not for Scott Norwood’s miss. But the Bills were dominant and with Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas already in, having Reed makes a lot of sense.

4. Terrell Davis
Somehow, Davis has fallen through the cracks because of the length of his career. To me, a Hall of Famer should have dominated at his position, even if it was just for a short time. Too many times, writers get enthralled with guys who hung around for a long time and only put up good numbers, not great numbers. Right, Tim Brown?

3. Willie Roaf
It is always hard for the layperson to really judge offensive linemen and what they meant to the game. But when you talk to former players and coaches, they all seem to be very high on Roaf. In fact, Dick Vermeil cried while talking about him recently. Well, I guess he cries for everybody.

2. Charles Haley
Nobody has more rings than Haley, yet he continues to be on the outside looking in. Haley was a major contributor on two dynasties, and not surprisingly, both dynasties declined once he left. What is the deal here?

1. Jim Plunkett
After Plunkett, name one other two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks who is not in the Hall of Fame. Oh wait, you can’t. There aren’t any. I smell a Facebook page coming.

And finally ...

The Lakers won the title! The Lakers won the title!

Alright, no Lakers fan truly feels that way. But my friend Danny sent that text over last night have America defeated the Celtics, saying that he wanted to feel like a bitter Chowd.

Only one thing to say about that ... America!


R.J. said...

Sarah's show is Fairly Legal and it's very good. Glad you got to see it.

DAWUSS said...

Those numbers are HOF worthy?

Bokolis said...

My history is a little hazy, but Reed and Norwood would have been watching that game on TV if someone hadn't landed on his hip.

I'm sure there's no hate for the LA, no expansion of the bar to throw up a picture of a fallen Bo Jackson. How about Siragusa landing on Rich Gannon? That is part of the same run of misfortune.

Bah, Bokolis had Reed confused with the guy whose DreamKiller burned down his house. If being the 4th most important player on a team that never won doesn't kill his prospects, my confusing him with Rison surely finishes him off.

insomniac said...

You may be interested in some of the Shahi images contained herein:

THN said...


And Bokolis might have changed my mind about Dre Reed. I might spend too much time with my Buffalo pals.

THN said...


And Bokolis might have changed my mind about Dre Reed. I might spend too much time with my Buffalo pals.

Pay per head services said...

I don't know where they hide her but I am glad that they took her out and I hope that it will more frequent.