Monday, February 28, 2011

The Post Mortem: There was an award show on?

The Bain, as usually, nailed it when he said that nobody is interested in watching an awards show that doesn't involve Ricky Gervais. Although, for me, I have never watched the show since the 1980s when it used to compete with the NCAA championship game in hoops.

Based on the reports, however, it does not sound like I missed much.

But if Gervais did host the Academy Awards, then I might have to reverse my field.

ONE MORE Oscars note ... is Anne Hathaway legitimately hot. Or is she only viewed this way because she's famous. Let's get some reaction to that.

LOOKS LIKE Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is enjoying his post-Super Bowl riches. Our pal Larry Brown reports that Rodgers has been linked to Jessica Szohr, Stacy Keibler and Mila Knuis.

In other words, he's quickly moving past Tom Brady in this category.

And with the way the Packers are built, Rodgers is going to challenge The Bish in terms of the amount of strange that he is going to be able to pull.

NOT SURE if you caught this poor bastard, but this male cheerleader could have cost Louisville the game against Pittsburgh. From the Yahoo! blog, the Dagger, you can check out the video here.

But the gist, a male cheerleader grabbed the ball when he thought the game was over. But there was five-tenths of a second left. So that was a technical foul on Louisville. Pittsburgh converted the two free throws and just missed a three-point attempt to tie the game.

Louisville considered punishing the cheerleader, but then they remembered that he is a male cheerleader.


Oil prices are down, gas prices are up. Yeah, that makes sense.


Anonymous said...



Diane said...

The twitter exchange yesterday between Rodgers and Clay Matthews was pretty funny.

The best looking woman on the red carpet was Helen Mirren.

WCT said...

1) Oil prices are most assuredly NOT down. Crude is over $100/barrell my man.

2) When are you going to let your feud with The Bish go?

The Hatriot said...

The interesting thing about oil prices is that the Saudis have already said they will make up any shortfall on the market caused by any reduction of the 2% of the world's oil supplied by Libya, so an imbalance of supply and demand can't be driving prices up. Hmmmmm, it's almost as if the "free market" in necessary commodities (e.g. oil) is actually a shell game in which powerful vested interests fleece working folks for obscene profit. I blame firefighters and teachers!

Diane said...

What Hatriot said. Plus, the issue of off-shore drilling is back on the table. The oil companies will drive up prices so that all the assholes driving duelie trucks will demand more drilling NOW.

THN said...

God bless the Hatriot. This is why I defer to him in cases like this.

Bokolis said...

Those in control of capital turn screws, as they have no interest in leaving anything on the table for us.

Commodities markets are indeed largely unregulated. But, while those in the pits are now driving up the price, they are just a bunch of maniacs chasing nickels in front of a steamroller. They will do the same thing on the way down, and nobody will complain.

Very little gasoline that will make it to the pumps in March was bought at these elevated prices. As the saying goes, gas prices take 3-1/2 weeks to go down and 3-1/2 hours to go up.

And, ummm, Anne Hathaway, her perceived hotness has nothing to do with's about her copping to being a 3-input woman.

The Hatriot said...

They will do the same thing on the way down, and nobody will complain.
Really? I seem to remember something like that happening in '08. And then Bush did something... warp? trap? garp? No, that's not it... I'm sure it will come to me. Remember, it's not socialism if you only collectivise the risk, the not profit.

This one's not original, but it bears repeating:

A CEO, a teabagger and a unionized teacher are sitting at a table with a dozen cookies in the middle. The CEO reaches out and grabs 11 cookies. Then he points at the teacher and says to the tea bagger, "Watch it! She wants part of your cookie!"

Bokolis said...

$147 crude sucked. But, don't ignore that crude mean-reverted to under $40 faster than it had risen. The cheer below equilibrium (then and now, $60-$75) didn't match the outrage above it.

The swings didn't have anything to do with socialized losses or the other policy foibles of a mental patient in an empty suit.

In trading pits, mostly manned by people with some serious savant syndrome, simply yelling "food fight!" is enough.

It's more proper to blame Bush for the steady walk from $30 to a pre-Katrina $60.

Likewise, if/when crude falls back to, say, $50 at some point in 2011, it won't be because Barack W. Obama has figured out how to keep people from getting the drop on him.