Monday, February 14, 2011

The Post Mortem: I don't want the ball

Trying to get into the mind of LeBron James here and I am imaging that he is thinking, "They can't throw me the ball if I have my hands on my hips."

That has to be it, right? Because I have never seen a superstar -- or at least one who staged his own television show to take his talents to Miami -- try to get rid of the ball as quickly as he does in crunch time.

Well, maybe Gomer. But in fairness to LeBron, he at least gave the ball to a member of his own team instead of throwing the game-crippling interception.

So he's got that.

But somehow, I don't believe that this dream-team was going to rely on Mike Miller for its potential game-saving shots. I mean, I would rather take my chances with Miller instead of LeBron, but it seems strange for LeBron to not even want to take the shot. A guy with confidence would have at least tried to force the shot.

And this is what is really making the NBA entertaining these days. I can take or leave a regular-season Lakers game. In fact, I was busy watching the Kings shutout the Flyers on Sunday to bother with the Lakers game. But watching the Heat meltdown is kind of funny. Especially when you consider that the worse choke jobs are yet to come.

Is there a chance that the Heat could lose in the first round? Man, the NBA really messed up by going five games in the first round. That's just terrible.

MY MAN, the Reverend made a good point this weekend when he pointed out that the Pro Bowl used to be a good letdown from the NFL season. The NFL version of methadone if you will. But going from Super Bowl to nothing just seems a bit strange. Yet, there was so much burnout from football, maybe going cold turkey is the way to go.

YOU HAVE to admire Rex Ryan, though, for keeping his team in the news by announcing that the Jets are going to win the Super Bowl next year. Though, you cannot really believe him until that sentence is also followed with the news that Mark Sanchez has been released.

Sanchez has to really love playing football in New Jersey where the age of consent is only 16. But come on, the Jets have gone from Broadway Joe to Bieber Fever Sanchez.

Too soon?

Too young?


Vikings DE Ray Edwards has announced that he will turn to boxing in the event of a lockout. And the good news here is that he just has to last, say, 40 seconds in the ring to be more of a success than Johnnie Morton. So go get 'em!

Enjoy the day.


Bain said...

At least Sanchez believes in monogamy. He and his girlfriend Alleged Victim have been going strong for years.

DAWUSS said...

What happened to that outside help THN was supposed to have acquired?

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