Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Dead Zone is coming

Now that Aaron Rodgers has won the World Heavyweight Championship, what are any of us going to do between now and 2014, when the next NFL season begins

Typically, I am not one to plan ahead, but here is what should be on all of our "to do" lists in the coming weeks/months:

1. Check out Jimmer Fredette. The 43 he planted on the Aztecs not only cemented him as the next "great white hope," but gave the Mountain West (near and dear to this website's heart) some national pub. It also gave us the potential of a March Madness explosion the likes of which we haven't seen since Wally Szcerbiak dropped 43 on Washington in 1999.

2. Be excited that pitchers and catchers report. Whether the world likes it or not, this is the last week of no baseball until November.

3. Netflix something. Yes, I used Netflix as a verb. Take the time to watch The Wire if you missed it the first time around. I swear you will want to name your next child Stringer Bell. Also, find a way to watch Arrested Development if you haven't yet. It actually makes Archer even funnier.

4. Watch TNT... they know drama. Between Southland and the chance that Tracy Morgan might talk about having "me time" thinking about political figures, you may see or hear something you never have before.

5. Believe that at some point, the NBA will get interesting again, right? I'm about as disinterested in the NBA as the entire Laker team is, but with the trading deadling coming and Carmelo Anthony sure to be moving, someone is going to get better really quick. Will the Knicks improve themselves to make a run at Melo to make it a big 5 in the east? Will the Lakers inject some life into their team and finally give up on Andrew Bynum's knees? It all should result in a Lakers/Spurs Western Conference Final and a shootout in the East.

6. Watch Parks and Recreation. I know it was terrible last year. I know that Amy Poehler spent 22 episodes doing a Steve Carell impression. But Adam Scott (tremendously underrated) and Rob Lowe are terrific and the character of Ron Swanson has developed into one of the funniest on TV.

7. Pray a little. I'm not really religious, but aren't we all willing to go to any length to make sure there isn't a lockout?

8. Get outside for God's sake. You have a little less than 3 months until the draft, so spend that time doing something productive. Take a walk, ride the swings at the park, get to know your neighbors. You've been cooped up inside for 6 months watching every football game on TV and you haven't seen the sun since Labor Day. The least you can do is take those Christmas lights down.

Enjoy your offseason.

Jake Ryan


Anonymous said...

And after you finish watching the Wire, get an Idris Elba fix with Luther.

Diane said...

whoops - anon was really me

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