Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Weak Ender: Karma Kills

Congratulations to Florida State. Not only does the Seminoles upset of Duke mean that these ladies were making some fellas very happy behind the dumpsters at the local Piggly Wiggly in Tallahassee, but San Diego State is inching closer to being the No. 1 team in college basketball.

Hopefully the Aztecs can knock off the BYU Cougars and then it becomes a waiting game.

Heady times. Too bad State's football coach did not want to stick around. Not that you can blame Brady Hoke for bolting to Michigan. Hoke was one of the few coaches around who was very honest and upfront about wanting to take his dream job in Ann Arbor. Good for him.

Yet, you cannot help but wish for him to at least given the Aztecs more than two seasons. Take it from a person who plays a lot of EA NCAA College Football, sometimes you want to stay at a place where you have proven that you can win, instead of taking a job that just ruined the reputation of a pretty good football coach.

If you want to bolt from SDSU to the pros as part of the Yasmine Bleeth principal, that makes sense. But why leave the Mountain West for a lesser conference?

Good luck to Hoke, though. He put the Aztecs on the right track. Hopefully Rocky Long can keep the car moving forward.

But enough with college football, except for one quick point. The SEC's run of five BCS titles does not really impress me, considering the teams that its members were playing. The win over Oregon impresses me, however. Congratulations SEC.

However, seeing that this was the first time I have watched Cam Newton play, I am not sure he was the best player in college football. He certainly was not better than Vince Young was as a college player. Seems to me, this was a guy who took advantage of a pretty easy non-conference schedule, an easy SEC schedule, but looked rather ordinary playing against a Pac-10 team.

Admittingly, I have seen Stanford's Andrew Luck play about 20 times, and Newton play once, but Luck is a much better quarterback at this time, and is likely going to be a better pro.

And what's with Auburn's receivers? How come none of them could catch? Oregon's receivers made big plays all over the place, yet the Auburn guys looked pretty average. In fact, I don't know why Auburn even threw that ball. That running back was far more impressive than Newton.

Again, I say this only seeing Newton play one time.

Alright, are we ready for some NFL games? I was a blistering 3-1 last week.

Yeah, I missed three games. Yikes. That won't happen again.

RAVEN at STEELERS: Saw a movie called the Mysteries of Pittsburgh recently. And just like your average Raven vs. Steelers tilt, this movie was plodding, predictable and a bit boring.

And yes, a little bit gay.

Everybody claims that they are clamoring for this matchup, but why? Haven't we seen this a number of times? We are getting close to this turning into the Red Sox vs. the Yankees of the NFL.

At least players on both teams are trying to kill each other, which is nice. And then there was this shirt (via Shutdown Corner):

Well, if you are going to bore us again, at least make it interesting. Pick: Steelers.

PACKERS AT FALCONS: This is the argument for reseeding. The Falcons have to face the hottest team in the NFC right now, instead of the Seahawks who just barely snuck into the playoffs.

That seems about right.

Everybody made sure to point out that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers had something to prove last week, needing to win a playoff game (including me). But Falcons QB Matt Ryan needs to do the same thing. It's not like the Falcons have a long resume of winning, and this team needs to do something.

To be honest, this seems like the NFC Championship Game to me. And the Packers just became a lot more dangerous because of the emergence of RB James Starks who was huge. Pick: Packers.

SEAHAWKS AT BEARS: The masses are starting to reason that the Seahawks are very similar to the Cardinals from two years ago, getting hot at the right time. But Matt Hasselbeck is not Kurt Warner.

Still, there is something about the Bears that concerns me. QB Jay Cutler likes to take a lot of risks when he is at home. Look at the numbers, Cutler throws more interceptions at home than he does on the road (11 to 5) and his passer rating is lower.

Pick: Seahawks (which means they host the NFC Championship Game).

JETS AT PATRIOTS: This is the game that everybody wants to see. Mainly because anytime Boston goes against New York, you come out ahead no matter what.

Here is the thing with the Jets. Thank you for knocking off Gomer and the Colts. America owes you a tremendous thanks. But all of that bluster. Reminds me of when Buddy Ryan took over the Arizona Cardinals back in 1994. He talked about there being a new sheriff in town and blah, blah, blah.

The Cardinals opened the season at Anaheim and the Rams beat them. What a great day that was.

Not sure if Buddy ever made foot fetish videos.

But that notwithstanding, this is a pretty tough game to call. On one hand, you want to pull for the Jets. They remind me of the poor Los Angeles Rams and our plight of being the second fiddle in a major media market watching big brother win a Super Bowl. It sucks.

And Jets fans love to drink.

But the Patriots have one of the original Patron Saints of The Hater Nation, Tom Brady. The team that beat both the Raiders and St. Louis FC in one playoff run. The closest Rams fans will ever come to a Super Bowl until AEG moves them back in 2015. (And if you think they are building a downtown stadium for the Vikings, Raiders or Jaguars, guess again.)

Tough call here, but the pick is: Patriots.

OF COURSE, I will leave all of the Brett Favre's sister is doing meth jokes to the Hatriot and the Bain in the comments, because they will crush it much harder than me.


I don't believe in karma, but Lebron James losing to the Clippers after calling out Cleveland for having bad karma in losing to the Lakers might make me a believer.

How can James even think that Cleveland should have bad karma. The fact that nobody in Cleveland has put a knife in LeBron's house or burned down his Akron house shows that Cleveland has nothing but good karma.

Karma kills, eh Lebron?


Robbie said...

I still can't believe State is 18-0. I want to tell myself to enjoy the ride while it lasts, but what happens if they beat BYU and are still undefeated?

Diane said...

How is Cowgirl famous, and the gal second from the left is just another waitress at Hooters?

Bain said...

Meth is terrible, but considering Favre's sister lived in Mississippi, I'd argue it was probably the healthiest part of her diet.

DAWUSS said...

Is there some FCC rule that states that America must be subjected to someone with the last name of "Manning" on TV at least once a week?

Bain said...

Sanchez vs. Roethlisberger?
What is this, the Rape Bowl?

Nicole said...

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I am glad for those fellas behind the dumpsters that they have been having fun thanks to those ladies.