Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Raiders Hate Winning

The Raiders once lived by a motto that winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. But now I believe that Al Davis has become so accustomed to losing, that he actually fears winning. Do you supposed that Davis’ untreated syphilis has become so bad that winning scares him. Like an NFL version of Stockholm Syndrome.

Must be spending too much time with Bengals owner Mike Brown. Or Daniel Snyder. Or Jerry Jones.

This is the only possible explanation as to why the Raiders would fire coach Tom Cable.

The Raiders were not only competitive this season, they swept the AFC West, going 6-0 and were the main reason why the Chargers are not going to the playoffs this year. The Raiders finished 8-8, breaking a streak of seven seasons when the team lost at least 11 games.

Apparently that is a fire-able offense in Oakland these days.

And Cable was the perfect Raiders coach. He looked like the fans that tailgated in the parking lot. He punched assistant coaches. Everything about him exuded the Raiders.

Well, except for that winning part. That was too much for Davis to stomach.

The Raiders are expected to promote offensive coordinator Hue Jackson to head coach. Well, they had better hurry. Jackson is already interviewing with the 49ers today. And because of the Rooney Rule that requires teams to interview at least one minority candidate, Jackson could become a hot name in the coaching world.

That would really be the best possible scenario. The Raiders fire the coach who actually got them on the right track, and their hot-name coordinator crosses the bay to go to San Francisco.

In other words, enjoy Marc Trestman.


DAWUSS said...

Trestman isn't leaving Montreal.

R.J. said...

I wish Marc Trestman would come back to Oakland but it's not happening. He's got a real quarterback in Anthony Calvillo to work with.

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