Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Post Mortem: Congrats to the Seahawks

There was a small part of me rooting for St. Louis FC to win the NFC West. If for nothing else, to quiet all of the hand-wringing media so concerned about a team with a losing record winning its division. Which, of course, will change the entire playoff landscape for years to come.

Get over it, Ds.

Funny, when it's the Seahawks playing host to the Saints in the playoffs, it is an outrage. Yet, nobody seems to mind that the Jets had a better record than the Colts, but Mark Sanchez and company are heading to Indianapolis next week.

That is about right.

Listen, you cannot change the format of the playoffs because one wacky 7-9 team won its division. If you want to do that, eliminate the divisions and just have conferences. But if you do that, my might as well eliminate conferences and just play a 31-game round-robin tournament.

Or maybe you can have the media vote to see who the best two teams are and put them in the Super Bowl.

It's one year, people. Get over it.

And honestly, I hope the Seahawks go over the Saints. The Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game would be cool. No, hosting the championship game. That would be awesome.

DO YOU think that Giants fans are going to hysterical that their team did not make the playoffs after finishing higher than the Seahawks? Probably not. The Giants fans seem to realize that the Giants screwed the Giants.

If New York could have held on to a 21-point lead in the fourth quarter against Philadelphia, this is an entirely different playoffs.

But real quick, suck it Eli.

THE COLTS are suddenly the hottest team in the NFL. But how come nobody points out that the Colts play in the weakest division outside of the NFC West? Yes, the AFC South is worse than the AFC West.

Yet the media seems to believe that Gomer has put the Colts on his back and they are riding to the playoffs.

That is not 100 percent accurate.

Gomer has benefited from playing against one of the weakest division schedules and his team soon will be exposed in the playoffs. But please, let the Colts beat the Jets so the Gomer-lover can be at a fever pitch as the team heads into Pittsburgh in two weeks.

And then we can all laugh as the Colts and Gomer crumble outside in the cold Pittsburgh snow.

HAD A hard time rooting for Texas Christian. On one hand, you wanted to pull for the Horned Frogs to win for all of the other non-AQ schools. But at the same time, you really wish that TCU had stayed in the Mountain West to help that conference earn an automatic bid.

The Mountain West would have had a great case coming off the heels of TCU's win, and Utah's demolishing of Alabama a few years ago.

Oh, and I guess Alabama cares about bowl games again. When the Utes smoked them in the Sugar Bowl, the SEC apologists claimed that Alabama was just going through the motions. Those same morons are now trumpeting the SEC's wins over the Big Ten in the bowl games over the weekend.

Even though that was a rough time for the Big Ten.

TOUGH BREAK for Eric Mangini, that defense in Cleveland was starting to come around, but the last few weeks pretty much ended it for him. Do the Browns go with John Fox? This should be pretty interesting. At least Jake Delhomme and Fox can be reunited again.

And as much as this pains me to say, but the Raiders would be making a bad move to dismiss coach Tom Cable. The players gave their vote of confidence in a huge win over the Chiefs.

AND WHAT'S the story with Eagles QB Kevin Kolb? In a tryout for other NFL teamas, he looked awful. He wants to be a starter in the league, right?

The Eagles might have had nothing to play for on Sunday, but a great showing by Kolb could have made him an attractive option to a quarterback starved team like the 49ers, Cardinals or Redskins. Though, you get the feeling that the Redskins would not be a willing trade partner with the Eagles anymore, considering how well that whole Donovan McNabb thing worked out for them.

The most astonishing part of this Eagles game is that there was a point in time where the Eagles were going to forge ahead with Kolb. Make no mistake, the Eagles would still be playing in a meaningless game in Week 17 if Kolb was the starting quarterback. The only difference is that the Eagles would be on the golf course next week if Kolb had held on to his job.

THANK YOU to Chargers RB Ryan Mathews for showing up for the 2010 NFL season. You were about a week late, pally.

PLAYOFF PREDICTION is coming on The Weak Ender. But I'm am leaning towards the Patriots and Packers right now, though I do vow to take my time.


Kudos to the Falcons for dousing owner Arthur Blank with a Gatorade bath after the Falcons clinched the top seed in the NFC.

Not for the bath itself, mind you. The whole Gatorade bath has not only become cliched, but it increasingly dangerous as these coaches get older, or have health problems. Seriously, University of Florida players, you are going to give a Gatorade bath to a coach who is retiring because of a heart issue? Urban Meyer‘s family likely held their collective breath after that.

But no, the Falcons deserve credit for having RB Michael Turner and WR Roddy White administer the cascade. You see, if your owner gets drenched by two of the team’s biggest stars, he laughs.

If Blank turns around and sees John Parker Wilson and Antone Smith holding the bucket, well, there could be no hot water at the team’s training facility this week.


R.J. said...

I'm rooting for the Falcons. Michael Turner would become the latest ex-Charger to win a Super Bowl ring before A.J. Smith.

Anonymous said...

Let's also point out that Raven finished better than the Chefs and that the Packers win a tie-breaker with the Eagles. So the idea of reseeding means that no division winner would host if the hand wringers have their way.

DAWUSS said...

I once had the New Orleans Saints win the NFC South with a 3-13 record in Madden. They got blown out by the 12-4 Redskins in the wild card round.

Anyway, if you want to change the system, I recommend going to a 2 division format. Win the division, get a FRB. I think the lowest you can win the division with then is if the entire league goes 8-8.