Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Greetings from Shermer

THN would like to welcome our newest contributor. Like the namesake, he may be a onetime lightning strike and disappear into carpentry. But we, here at THN certainly hope not. Please make him feel at home by picking apart his every word and destroying his fragile ego. Ladies and gentlemen, Jake Ryan.

Thanks very much and it is a pleasure to be part of such a distinguished site that can, like so many other sites, serve as an outlet to the angry sports/pop culture fan. Getting started on one of these things is a bit difficult so I just thought about the things I will be following as we move into 2011.

Each night before I go to sleep, I pray to the baseball gods for the return to prominence of the Los Angeles Angels. I am going to focus on baseball a lot here, especially once we get to spring training, but as a lifelong Halo fan, I am not sure if I am more frustrated with the Angels for trying to be a big player in the free agent marked and not succeeding or the ridiculous fans who think magically they will be able to trade Brandon Wood and Reggie Willits for Justin Upton. These are people who didn’t live through Donnie Moore, Mo Vaughn falling in the dugout, Junior Noboa, periwinkle and let’s not even talk about 1995. Mike Scioscia will build the 2011 team with pitching and defense. Plus, there is no way that the team will hit as poorly with runners on as they did in 2010. Getting Wood and the 1st base revolving door out of the lineup will improve that immensely. I say 91 wins… hopefully good enough to win the West. Much more to talk about this franchise in the coming weeks and months.

I expect to witness the assault of Joel Meyers on live TV in the next 12 months. One of these nights, when the Lakers are playing one of their typical uninspired games on the road in February, Joel is going to say the wrong thing about Lamar Odom or Andrew Bynum and Stu Lantz is finally going to snap. I, for one, cannot wait. This all comes back to Joel calling Kobe the “greatest Laker of them all” to get himself some press. Mission accomplished. You are the Steve Physioc of the Lakers.

I really hope hockey getting back to its rightful place in the Southern California sports landscape. I am hoping that a deep playoff run by the Kings will give the most loyal fan base in SoCal the exposure it so richly deserves. Do yourself a favor, check that team out. For those of you not familiar with hockey, it’s played on skates, mostly indoors and…. Never mind.

This 18 game schedule for the NFL… hmmm. Steve DeBerg, Vinny Testaverde, Vince Evans… warm those arms up fellas, this will be an over 50 league by week 17. I for one would like to see the fantasy football chaos that will cause.

If anything bad happens to a New England sports athlete, I will consider it a successful year. Now that Bobby Jenks is a Red Sox, there is a much better chance of this happening. I wonder if it he can break any bar fight records in that town.

A couple of recommendations from a father of two who doesn’t get to the theatre, I finally got to see Inception and The Town over the holidays. Two pretty impressive movies. By now, I am able to watch movies that take place in Boston because I survived 90 minutes of Fever Pitch, plus, what red blooded American male doesn’t love Jon Hamm... I mean Blake Lively.

Inception was just terribly intriguing to me. That kid who was on Growing Pains was tremendous. Alan Thicke taught him everything he knows.

I hope that I will be accepted as part of the THN family. It is just as great now as it was before the internet when I got it each Monday in my mailbox back in the late 70s and I am honored to be part of it today.

Happy Birthday Samantha.


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DAWUSS said...

I would have rather have seen Dino and the gang roast Brett Favre...

Bain said...

The skinny Olsen twin starts beating the bag with the baseball bat, just smacking it like crazy, until she's so tired she can't swing anymore. So the shrink stands up, walks to the bag and unzips it, and voilá... out falls the lifeless body of the fat Olsen twin.

My word is "rednes." Why?

reader Matt P. said...

come on... give the new clown a chance. He can't suck any worse than anyone else... right?

THN said...

Does Favre deserve to get roasted? You might be on to something.

I liked this first effort.