Friday, December 24, 2010

The Weak Ender: Welcome Alyssa

Why Alyssa Milano? I'm locked in a fantasy championship with my good friend Mark D., and I hope this enough to stave off the fantasy gods for a championship. Mark is one of the smartest people I know, however, so who knows if this is going to work.

BTW, if this is your first trip to THN this week, I hate to take time away from our airing of grievances from Festivus. Make sure to check that out. In fact, stop reading this because this is all just filler.

I would like to question why Ohio State players have been suspended for 2011, but they do not have to miss this year's bowl game. Mark May got it right. If you look up hypocrisy in dictionary, you would find the letters NCAA.

Seriously, why are you at work today? Take some time off and go home. Merry Christmas to all. I promise you, 2011 is going to rock.



R.J. said...

Merry Christmas to you too. I'm working an abbreviated day and I will spend very little of it with customers and agents. Very low stress work day indeed.

WCT said...

"In fact, stop reading this because this is all just filler. "

Wait, are you talking about this post or the entire blog in general?

THN said...

This post, my friend. The Festivus should take yo through today.

WCT said...

Not a good night for the WAC. No wonder Boise State looked so good all year...

buckyor said...

Mark May says that the NCAA protects the Big Ten and PAC 10, but throws the SEC under the bus? Cam Newton and Jeremiah Masoli wholeheartedly agree.

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It won't work in reality, that's exactly what I consider. said...

Alyssa Milano is a pretty good looking girl and She is on my fantasies too.

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