Friday, December 31, 2010

The Weak Ender: Happy New Year

Who knew that UConn women's basketball team continued to play after Meghan Gardler (pictured) graduated. But pity the poor lady Huskies, whose winning streak was stopped at just 90 consecutive wins. That is still 83 wins short of the longest winning streak in sport's history ...

Bill Goldberg's 173 consecutive wins in WCW.

What, are we not comparing fake sports now? Because we sure spent a lot of time comparing U Conn's streak to Wooden's Bruins. Why not throw Brea-Olinda into the mix here, too. Didn't it have a long winning streak, too?

My relief is that UConn finally lost so we can go back to not caring about women's basketball. Oh wait, we never did.

Care that is.

BEST COMMENT regarding the St. Louis FC vs. Seahawks matchup on Sunday night ... shouldn't this game be played in Dayton two days before the real tournament starts?


But the FC should make the playoffs as an 8-8 team. And if I'm not mistaken, didn't the Giants sneak into the playoffs as an 8-8 team? It was 2006, I believe. The Giants advanced and lost to the Eagles.

Nobody was complaining about the competitiveness then. But now when it's an NFC West team, suddenly, it is the end of the world. Remember, though, the Cardinals advanced to the Super Bowl after winning their division at 9-7.

Unless every team plays a round-robin, 31-game season, division winners should continue to get the benefit of the doubt and host playoff games.

BTW NFL players. You are still complaining about an 18-game season? Realize that the Kings just played four games in five nights. Some of those games on the road. And you sissies in the NFL cannot play two extra games?

THE WEAK Ender was going to be skipped again, but our boy WCT would be remiss if it was not pointed out that a Pac-12team (Washington) crushed a Big 10 team (Nebraska) in the Holiday Bowl.

And yes, I already counted Utah's loss as a Pac-12 loss to the Mountain West last week.

But how and the (expletive) did Kansas State get a penalty for excessive celebration for a salute? That has to be one of the dumbest rules in sports. It's not like the kid jumped into the snow banks and started doing snow angels.


Linebacker Channing Crowder doesn’t think much of your booing, Dolphins fan. Though this proves that he does not watch the team’s offense. But as Carly Simon once said, Channing, you’re so vain; I bet you think those boos were about you.

Maybe the Dolphins faithful were upset about the two men who whiffed on wedding proposals on the big screen during halftime. The Florida Sun-Sentinel says that one woman would not take her hands off her face during the awkward two minutes, which no doubt probably felt like an eternity.

Think they want a do-over?

If you are going to do the in-stadium proposal, make certain it’s a sure thing. Kind of like a fake punt. You want to make sure that your team is going to convert, otherwise, it could have a lasting negative impact. Just ask Rex Ryan. Though, you have to wonder if his ill-advised fake punt was really just some fancy footwork to get his name out of the papers for another reason.

But don't fret Rex, your recent blunders did not crack the list of the top six do-overs of 2010.

6. Kevin Kolb gets the start. Eagles QB Michael Vick is authoring one of sports' biggest redemption stories. Of course, this might not have happened if Kolb would have stayed healthy. Although, this falls down to No. 6 because coach Andy Reid bucked the idiotic, “you can’t lose a job to injury” nonsense.

And let’s lump in a plethora of quarterback decisions here, because quarterback calls could take up all six spots. So consider this space also reserved for Donovan McNabb’s contract extension, the Cardinals acquisition of Derek Anderson and the debut of Titans QB Rusty Smith.

And maybe Tom Brady’s hair, too, but that might just be jealousy.

5. Chargers skip special team's practice. Or it just seemed that way early in the season. Special team blunders are one of the chief reasons why the Chargers are not going to the postseason this season. This is why coaches say you have to win all three phases of the game. That's not just a cliché.

Notice that Norv Turner is coming back next year. Well, four playoff appearances in 13 seasons as a head coach speaks for itself. You have to give him another chance.

And Lil' Hater would be remiss if it was not mentioned that of the 29 coaches who have coached 204 games, Norv is the only one with a losing record.

Turner lets owners bang his daughter, right?

4.Lions Week 9 loss to the Jets. The Lions lost so many close games this season, maybe 2010 is an entire do-over. From losing QB Matthew Stafford to rookie DT Ndamukong Suh missing an extra point, filling in for K Jason Hanson, this had it all. But coach Jim Schwartz sealed the game when he allowed the Jets to set up the tying drive late in the fourth quarter by calling a third down pass that gave the Jets the ball with 1:40 left. And to make matters worse, he was calling the play for Drew Stanton.

3. Brad Childress/Wade Phillips/Mike Singletary given too much rope. The Cowboys, in particular, have played much better under Jason Garrett. But the 49ers were in the running until Week 16, and a coaching change could have meant the NFC West title.

2. Tashard Choice asks for Vick’s autograph. Apparently, fans do not want players fraternizing after the game. Yet, everybody was upset when Chiefs coach Todd Haley refused to shake Josh McDaniels’ hand after the Chiefs were blown out by the Broncos. Make up your mind people. And it's good to know that your team can start off the season with Super Bowl expectations and be eliminated by October, but what really upsets fans is asking for an autograph.

Don't you have bigger fish to fry Cowboys fans?

1. Vikings players go down to Mississippi to woo Brett Favre. The late Dean Martin as Sam Harmon in the original "Ocean’s 11" once said, “If you want to capture lightning in a bottle, I won’t stop you. But don’t try to capture yesterday.” Hard to believe that a 41-year-old, interception-prone quarterback with a gimpy ankle could not recreate that magical, once-in-a-lifetime season.

If you want to grouse about this list, or add your own jump into the comment section now.

But a final word on in-stadium proposal guy; if you are going to propose to your girlfriend with a message on the big screen and she has a common first name -- Lisa, Jennifer, Elizabeth -- make sure to use last names. Trust me from experience on this one. Because experience tells me nothing ruins a fourth date like a perceived proposal. Yeah, awkward.


DAWUSS said...

I might follow women's ball a bit more if they featured more hot women. I know I briefly followed it in high school not for the game (I could give two craps about basketball), but for the possibility of any hot women.

Some schools were better at that than others.

Bain said...

I've recently hit some high school basketball tournies, and from what I've seen the girls' game is as well-played as the boys'. The only difference is the level of physicality--the girls are generally a lot more fierce.

WCT said...

thats the best you got? nothing about the Chargers missing the playoffs and deciding to retain Norvell? You're getting soft.

Diane said...

Please don't describe Vick's comeback as redemption. Also, any one who says this was his second chance clearly can't count above 2.

EK said...

I played high school and some college hoops, and have scrimmaged against some of the best women basketball players in the world, including Annie Meyers. They're more physical because they're angry about:

Not being able to jump/dunk

Not being able to palm the basketball and therefore make fancy Magic-like passes

The horrible uniforms they wear. Women's volleyball and track have it right - put the ladies in short-shorts and the rest doesn't matter

Ok semi-seriously. The basket is too high, and the ball and court are too big. Women's tennis is a better game than men's because the court dimensions are appropriate to the speed and power of their game. The men play something, but it isn't tennis.

Put 'em in crop tops and bikinis and you will have an avid following.

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