Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Weak Ender: Gomer finds a team he can beat

But first, Reese Witherspoon is hot now? Like really smoking hot. She was good looking in those Legally Blonde movies and Cruel Intentions, but she has really turned a corner in that new forgettable movie she is in.

Did she sneak up on us in hotness, or is that just me? Moving on.

GOMER FINALLY did find a team that he could beat. And look, he did not thrown an interception against the Titans. Congratulations, Gomer, you did it. But two more Colts linemen went down. That team is screwed.

But if you are into that fantasy thing, Gomer was outscored -- fantasy wise -- by Titans QB Kerry Collins.

THE PATRIOTS will lose this week. Just as soon as everybody is crowning them the best team in the AFC, they will lose to the Bears this week. You know, that is just the way things work in the NFL. You are on top, for what, like a minute before it all comes crashing down?

THE CHARGERS will win. QB Matt Cassel had his appendix removed. Talk about your bad timing. But the Chargers can still run the table -- look at the schedule -- to finish 10-6. I ain't heard no fat lady sing.

ALRIGHT LET'S talk about the elephant in the room. The Boston Red Sox have assembled themselves quite the baseball team this winter. Take that Giants, or winning a World Series based on pitching and timely hitting.

And no doubt, the world will anoint the Red Sox as the AL champions before the season even starts. But there are a few things that the Sox must first deal with.

The first, has extended, uh, training caught up to Dustin PEDroida? Those Mastercard commercials said it all, too small, too slow and no athletic ability. So how did PEDroida find this miracle toxin that helped him become a MLB player?

What about David "Big PEDdy" Ortiz? Is he willing to start his cycle before July? Ortiz gets lazy with his steroid use, that's for sure.

And who is going to pitch for this team? Jon Lester seems pretty good. But can he carry some of the other stiffs on the team?

The Angels are taking a beating right now because they did not shell out for Carl Crawford. And that's fine. But it is insane to pay $20 million for a guy, when you have Mike Trout coming up in the farm system. The Angels make moves when they need to. And while it seems bleak right now, again, I ain't heard no fat lady sing.


The world is piling on Cowgirl for surfacing Brett Favre's lewd behavior. And some have called her an opportunist.

And for that, I agree. I feel that Cowgirl should have done what other victims of sex scandals should have done and taken the high road.

And gone on Dancing with the Stars.


Diane said...

Cowgirl should have done publicly what she no doubt did privately and laugh it off. When your claim to fame is being the sluttiest dresser at a party school, feigning offense screams money grubbing whore.

Anonymous said...

My husband said the same thing about Reese Witherspoon...weird

You can say same thing about da Bears being on top 'cause they won 5 in a row. But c'mon, they played the Bills, Vikings, Lions; ok so they beat Vick, yet they lost to McNabb w/ Cutler throwing 4 INTs. I say Patriots win...period!

Bain said...

And another thing, no more gratuitous Fugs links.