Tuesday, December 07, 2010

TPM: Long offseason for Chargers fans

The Chargers may have lost the game, but at least they won the postgame brawl. Seriously, Raiders fan, what made you think that it was a good idea to even take a charge at the Chargers fans?

Excuse the delay on TPM, but sometimes real world stuff takes precedence. Including a dark anniversary that happened over the weekend. And I’ll leave it at that.

Except to say that now the Chargers have really depressed me. Reading some of the comments from the previous post, the Chargers season is not a success until the Raiders are swept. Well, maybe the Colts, too. But that’s it.

The Chargers have not quite hit rock bottom yet, but they can certainly see it from here. Though the optimist in my – which I typically keep quelled with bottles of Bushmills – will note that a four-game close out will put the team at 10-6 and there is no way that the Raiders are going to reach that mark. The Chiefs, maybe. But not the Raiders. So there is still hope.

And I don’t want to be one of those guys who hope for losing seasons because it means the coach will be fired. Once Tony Dungy won a Super Bowl ring, that showed that nearly anybody can coach a Super Bowl winner. Even if you are standing at the top of Mount Pious.

One thing that does need mentioning, remember when Patriots QB Tom Brady was just the better real quarterback than Gomer? Now he is a better fantasy option, too.

Brady has been lights out, playing his best football against Steelers, Colts and Jets. You know, the best teams in the conference. Gomer is already in playoff mode, throwing interceptions and having that befuddled look on his face that typically only appears when he makes his biggest mistakes in the biggest games.

Of course, people are wondering what is wrong with Gomer. He’s never like this. And that is somewhat true. See, the Colts don’t typically play many meaningful games during the regular season. And when they are meaningful, he typically folds.

The Colts are just playing more “must-win” games this year. And when the Colts “must-win,” Gomer folds the tent, throws a bad interception and has that look on his face like you would typically find on a pouting Down syndrome child.

And that means it has been a good year. So the Chargers losing to the Raiders sucks. But if the Colts can be held out of the playoffs, then this season must be viewed as worthwhile.

BOISE STATE is going to the Las Vegas Bowl. That’s awesome. Not that you can say that it is much of a surprise. The non-championship bowls are for the big-time schools to take a little vacation and then participate in an exhibition game.

But teams like Boise State and Utah were always messed things up by going out and actually trying during these games. Actually making teams have to play hard. Boise State beat Oklahoma in a memorable game. And Utah embarrassed Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

Thankfully, these two teams are shuttled off to a bowl where the teams can play to their heart’s content and not bother the big boys.

But a warning to Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Texas Christian is actually going to try and take this game seriously. Thankfully the Badgers never mail it in during the bowl season.

I mean, they are not Ohio State.

And finally …

That is all I have right now.


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That jag off mutherfucker been kick in the teeth!!

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