Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Post Mortem: You call that snow storm?

If you watched any of the action of Sunday night on NBC, with the light snow flurries, you immediate reaction had to be ... these Nancy boys could not play in this (expletive)? How about butching up a little bit, Philadelphia.

Chuck Bednarik would silently weep if he knew that an Eagles game was postponed because of snow.

I don't blame the Philly fans. You know they would have been out in force on Sunday night. Drinking beers and shouting down any a-hole who happened to wander into the crowd wearing Giants gear. The Philadelphia sports fan is salt of the Earth, beer swilling and hard working.

They don't stop because of snow.

Which makes is more curious that they stopped this game. What could be the angle? To make sure that Michael Vick will lead your fantasy team to the promised land?

Good lord, with benching players because of concussions and not letting them play in the snow, what the hell is happening with the NFL?

Some other quick notes.

GOOD TO see that Eli Messiah is the bust that we all knew he was. You know it is December football when Eli is making the crucial mistake in a huge game.

I don't want to say that Eli's game was ugly, but Bob Barker is suggesting a face lift. (And what is up with Barker? Spade, neuter and give your dog a face lift immediately.)

The Giants are going to finish out of the playoffs. And if there is a God, it will be the 7-9 Seahawks making the playoffs, and the 10-6 Giants missing out. That would be justified for having Southern California suffer through all of the Giants games locally.

Honestly FOX, continue to put the Giants on local TV because the last couple of weeks have been the most satisfying we have seen in a long time.

BTW, the Packers have become kind of America's team. If they can get loose in the playoffs, look out. QB Aaron Rodgers is just a step away from superstardom.

HOW COME former 49ers coach Mike Singletary gets to take the easy way out and not have to finish up the team's dismal season? There was almost a part of me rooting for the 49ers to win the division just so Singletary could keep his job. The only thing more hilarious than his sideline rants is his revolving door at quarterback.

Singletary would make a great coach at the NCAA Divison II level.

KIND OF a mixed back for the Mountain West this week. San Diego State and Boise State looked really strong. The Aztecs were much tougher than Navy. And the Broncos beat Pac-10 bound Utah.

But what the (expletive) happened to Hawaii? Wow.

If Brady Hoke stays at SDSU, it will become the premiere program in the conference, surpassing Boise State in the near future.

And when they make the story of his life, Jeff Garlin will play him.

THE CHARGERS really f-ed themselves this year. And the team is even stumbling in December. But it is not time to pull the plug on the entire organization. At some point, the owners need to go to general manager A.J. Smith and say, fire Norv Turner or you will end up on the street, too.

And every fan of a team currently or possibly looking for a coach next season -- the Cowboys, 49ers, Browns -- is going to eye Jon Gruden. And who wouldn't?

But sources have long told me that Gruden has resisted NFL jobs hoping that the Chargers gig would someday open up. Gruden knows that Turner is not long for the coaching job in San Diego. And it was only a matter of time before he got his chance.

Gruden and Philip Rivers. That makes a lot of sense. If you look at all of the jobs that are either available or that will come available, San Diego is the top gig.

The only problem is that the impending lockout could delay a change. And if there is a shortened season/training camp, nobody is going to make a move.

In other words, it looks like another season of Turner on the sidelines, and Gruden waiting in the wings.

PROPS TO the Chiefs for winning the AFC West.


That's all I have.


DAWUSS said...

The CFL is laughing at the NFL for postponing the Vikings-Eagles game

The Hatriot said...

Yeah. As someone who's attended late Sunday Eagle games, the parking lot at the Linc looks like a cross between The Road Warrior and Animal House. I can't imagine how liquored up and violent the crowd would be after the long Christmas weekend. Tuesday night just won't have the same feel. It also sticks the Birds with a short week to prepare for the... uh... Cowboys? Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Ask the NFL to change the start time of Packers vs. Bears to an early game as it was originally scheduled.
Commissioner Goodell wanted Week 17 games to be more competitive. Making all games this week played within the division, and
moving the Rams vs. Seahawks game to Sunday night help meet that objective, but the start time of the Green Bay game does not.
The Bear starters are much more likely to play three, or even four, quarters if the game is moved back to 1 p.m.

Bain said...

I was just watching a video of last year's THN New Years party. Are we at the same place this year?

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