Monday, December 13, 2010

Cliff Lee signs with Phillies, America Wins

Did you ever think you would see a day when the Red Sox would be viewed as the Evil Empire and the Yankees are the sympathetic losers?

Well, nobody is sympathizing with the Yankees. Rather, we are all laughing at them. I don't think that the Yankees fans spitting on Cliff Lee's wife had anything to do with him jumping to the Phillies (and turning down a boatload of money), but you almost hope that it is.

Lee has been very public in saying that he really enjoyed his time with the Phillies, so it is awesome to see somebody willing to put their money where their mouth is. Or at least, leave money on the table to be in a good situation.

And by that token, hopefully Carl Crawford will have his eyes opened to just how awful of a place that Boston is.

Really, what's $142 million when you will likely end up broke and living in your used Honda Civic when your playing career is over?

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R.J. said...

I have no sympathy for the Yankees. I'm glad Cliff Lee signed with the Phillies for less money.

I wonder how Jeter's dealing with this. Didn't he re-sign at a discount so the Yankees could offer Lee more money?