Monday, November 29, 2010

The Post Mortem: Blame Archie

Gomer has his dad to blame for this. If Eli Messiah had just gone to San Diego, the Chargers wouldn’t turn out the Colts like this, year after year. But now, America’s Soccer Mom had to push the issue. Eli went to the Giants and the Chargers continue to punk Gomer every year.

But here is the bright side, Colts fan. Gomer has thrown seven interceptions in his last two games against the Patriots and Chargers. That means that he is in postseason form.

And why is it that the Colts look like the Boston Celtics of the NFL? Flopping and begging for fouls on seemingly every play. The Colts are obviously just following their leader.

Go make a commercial, Gomer. Nobody cares about you anymore.

ALRIGHT LET’S get this out of the way. It made my physically ill that Boise State lost on such an incredible circumstance. That poor kid has to live with that his whole life. The good news, for him, is that Oregon and Auburn will not lose, meaning that Boise State had to chance to get into the title game. But here are a couple of truths.

For starters, you just cannot expect to go undefeated in a tough conference like the WAC. Three teams are in the Top 25 (Boise State, Nevada and Hawaii). The WAC is just too tough.

And second, if the SEC is so tough. If it’s so impossible to make it through the regular season undefeated, how come a team has gone undefeated in the SEC regular season in each of the last three seasons? Just saying.

Here is the horrible reality of college football. Nevada has a huge win in a rivalry game and it loses money, because it kept Boise State out of a BCS bowl game. Oh well, a nice farewell F-You to the WAC, the conference that sued it for moving to the Mountain West.


I get TCU wanting to go to an automatic qualifying conference, but I hope you lose in your bowl game. I wish there was a way for Stanford to jump into the title game if Auburn loses this week.


WCT said...

wait, so the WAC is strong for having 3 teams ranked, but the SEC is weak and has 5 teams ranked? The WAC has a 1-11 team and a 2-10 team. Its a cupcake conference and that is why Boise is leaving.

Bain said...

That poor kid has to live with that his whole life.

Well, so long as he didn't make an interracial marriage proposal after the game, Boise State fans will go easy on him.