Monday, October 04, 2010

Why don't you wear the ribbon?

Jay Cutler is the only player not wearing pink during breast cancer awareness month, and now after the Giants blitzed jim like Lawrence Taylor on a speed ball, the Bears quarterback is eating tapioca through a straw today. I don't believe in karma, but this is getting me closer.


Bokolis said...

The fact that the word verif was "duckj," which I wound up mistyping, demands a chime.

Are you sure the Giants didn't knock the pink off of him or, that we wasn't wearing a pink thong?

Cutler may come off as a motherless cuss, but Bokolis would say that quite a few of those cats were killing multiple birds with one stone.

Bain said...

People can laugh at the Lions, but Detroit should be 2-2 right now, 2-1 in their division. Bears will crumble once they have to start traveling the North. As for Green Bay, the D is easier to rifle than my high school girlfriend's bra after half a pint of schnapps.

Bain said...

Come on girls, RIOT!

THN said...

I agree about the Lions. Just doing enough to lose. But should be good once Stafford comes back.

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