Friday, October 08, 2010

The Weak Ender: That's it Favre?

So Brett Favre thinks of Cowgirl and that is all he has? Favre was probably saving his, uh, excitement for the news of Randy Moss' arrival.

And really, Favre had better have picked up Moss at the airport because he is the only thing that is going to save the Vikings' season. A motivated Moss is a good thing for Minnesota.

Not that Moss will be the savior who will put up huge numbers. But he will light a fire under Favre, who has looked a little flaccid this season.

Adrian Peterson will benefit, too. Probably the most of anybody. The Vikings were seemingly intent on ruining Peterson's life running him on nearly every play. Peterson was on pace to top 370 attempts, the magical number that dooms running backs for the rest of their careers. Moss should keep that extra defender out of the box, and open things up for Visanthe Shiancoe underneath.

And the bottom line, too, is that the Vikings are actually compelling now. I certainly would not have thought twice about missing Monday's game. Now I am interested to see how this will play out.

Plus there is the added bonus that this could rejuvenate Favre and have him thinking of a return in 2011. That is right, let the Favre Watch begin again in earnest.


The NFL has become a quarterback league, and look who are making starts on Sunday: Max Hall, Seneca Wallace, Jimmy Clausen, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Todd Collins.


Diane said...

Sending pics of your junk? Bad idea. Sending pics of your unimpressive junk? Really bad idea.

Gosh. I hope Cowgirl wasn't offended. She's now announced she's getting her implants removed so she'll be taken more seriously. Or, she could wear clothes that fit that haven't been sliced with a box cutter.

Johnny Cochran said...

If the dick's not hard, you must disregard!

Reader Matt p. said...

All these quarterbacks getting shuffled around and Matty Leinart can't get a call. Hilarious.

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