Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Weak Ender: Not sure if you heard about Favre

Vikings QB Brett Favre was interviewed by NFL security this week. Now what he did might be somewhat weird, but as far as NFL quarterbacks go, sending a picture of your junk is pretty tame.

Eagles QB Michael Vick had an interstate dog-fighting ring. Steelers QB Ben Roetlhisberger allegedly assaulted an underaged woman in a bar. Sending a picture of your junk is like the NFL equivalent of jaywalking.

Call us when Favre is hiding in the truck of his car trying to get away from the police after having Cowgirl killed. Because until that happens, there is no reason to even bat an eye about this situation.

Favre was sexting.

And what is amazing to note here. Favre is a grandfather. And he knows how to sext with hot broads. My grandfather cannot even work the clock on his coffee maker.

I'm not even sure my grandfather even knows how to work a cell phone. This grandfather is sexting with Cowgirl.

The truth of the matter is that the Commish is likely trying to hit up Favre for sordid details and some pointers. And maybe Cowgirl's number, too.

LETS REMEMBER back when the Cowboys and Chargers were both playoff contenders. And you know what is crazy? Neither team is likely out of this thing yet. The NFL is so watered down, until a team is officially 4-12, there is no reason to believe otherwise.

However, if I was the owner of some team looking to make a coaching change, I would love to have a staff that had Norv Turner as offensive coordinator and Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator. That would be pretty nice.

BTW TEXAS, America is rooting for you. Put the Yankees away now. You guys have smoked them throughout the series. End any chance now. Although, it will be tough because the Yankees will not have that anchor Mark Teixeira weighing them down. So there is not automatic out in the middle of the lineup anymore.

And finally ...

Seeing that I missed last week, and if the Twins are still talking to me. But realize that the next month's issue of Playboy should have a Cowgirl spread. The magazine has a ton of photos because I just got an email to join their cyber club. So expect that to be coming soon.

Diane will be so thrilled.


R.J. said...

I can't stand Cowgirl. And her "lawyering up" smells like an extortion --err, I mean settlement in the making.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother could text, you fucking assholes.

Doctor Johnny Fever said...

But she is a woman of faith - did you know that ?

They all suck.

Diane said...

Ah, Cowgirl. It's fun to watch the increasingly desperate ways she tries to make money off her fading looks.

Within two years she'll manage to get knocked up by some poor schmuck with a big contract, and live off the child support payments he's ordered to pay.

THN said...

Cowgirl really brings out a side of Diane. And I love it.

Diane said...

I'm just jealous because I've had to get by on brains, my sparkling personality and hard work.

The Hatriot said...

How 'bout those Dallas Cowgirls? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Seriously though, how cool will it be to watch Chilly, Phillips and Turner all fight it out for that coveted sleeping spot on the heating grate this winter...

muebles caceres said...

Little doubt, the dude is completely just.