Monday, October 25, 2010

The Raiders are better than the Chargers

There is a billboard on the 110 freeway that proud states Bud Light: One Nation, One Beer while proudly displaying the Raiders logo.

What is great about the sign is that both the fine folks at Anheuser-Busch and the Raiders realize who their target audience is. Sometimes you just have to admit to the truth.

And in this instance, the truth is that the Raiders are a better team than the Chargers.

The Chargers have coasted through the early portion of the season way too many times, got lazy, arrogant and what you see is exactly what this team deserves. And really, this whole notion that the Chargers play their best football in December is rather overrated, too, considering that the playoffs are in January.

There are times that the Chargers make the Raiders look like a rational organization.

The Chargers played hardball with LT Marcus McNeill, and the running game never got off the ground.

The Chargers played hardball with WR Vincent Jackson and the team is pulling guys off the practice squad to start at receiver. Although, I might give the Chargers the benefit of the doubt here because Malcom Floyd is just as good as Jackson, so it was not a huge deal, but still.

Al Davis famously played hardball with Marcus Allen, but at least Davis had three Super Bowl titles under his belt. Not that Davis was right, but you can be this bold when you have a title history.

A.J. Smith? Not so much.

But do not worry, Chargers fan. Help is on the way. Smith and Norv Turner will probably be fired this year. And Jon Gruden will come in with full control of the organization. Gruden was good poaching the Buccaneers, a team that still had Super Bowl-quality players. What is he going to do with an organization that has squandered its talent?

Some how Gruden is going to come in and make this worse.

Oh, and if you need one final kick to the junk to really put this in perspective -- the Chargers chose to hire Turner over Rex Ryan.



WCT said...

The Chargers crapped the bed.


And when the whole world was watching, and cheering for your dumpster-fire of a team to beat the hoodie and his smug team after he made another HORRIBLE decision to go for it on 4th down!!

Damn you Adam! I was openly and loudly cheering for the Chargers and they let US down!!!

R.J. said...

Believe it or not I was cheering for the Chargers because I hate the Patriots more. But a holding call and a football off the upright later...

At least cheer us on when we thump the Chumps in two weeks.

Jimmy McMillan said...

You know why I haven't tapped Jessica Alba, don't you?

Because the rent is to damn high!

Tom Cruise said...

Hey brahs, let's get lots of pussy tonight!

Who's with me?

Richard Simmons said...

Why wait for tonight? I'm working on two, fine hotties right now!

Bain said...

That sound you just heard was the servers at exploding as Raiderfan reserves his ride to Dallas.