Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Post Mortem: Kelly deserves jail

Anybody else have Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger treat their fantasy team like you were a coed in a college bar? Good lord, that was terrible. But there was plenty of crap going on in the NFL. Let's hit the lowlights.

THE DALLAS Cowboys have officially finished their season. There was some thought that QB Jon Kitna was going to lead these team on a winning streak, only to have QB Tony Romo return to ruin the whole thing. Like he always did. But Romo will not even get that chance.

THE MINNESOTA Vikings have also called it a season. How would the year have been different if that plane from Mississippi with Brett Favre in it back before the season started had flown into a building instead of going to Minnesota? The Vikings could have been playoff contenders if Tarvaris Jackson had started the season at quarterback.

THE DETROIT Lions are going to make the playoffs. I would say that the Lions were the best team in the NFC North, but the Packers did look pretty good knocking off the Jets. Wow, the Packers defense better than the Jets? That was amazing.

THE SAN Diego Chargers are not completely back. But they are closer to getting back into the race. Well, only if the Chiefs and Raiders would stop winning.

BOISE STATE continues to fall in the polls, as expected. But really, does anybody think that the teams surrounding them will continue to win? Think about it, another week and two undefeated teams fell. And more will continue to fall. Just embrace the Broncos, fools.


There was something disturbing about Notre Dame this weekend. Although, Tulsa showed a lot of class by wearing green shamrocks on its helmets.

But Notre Dame put on a pretty glowing show. Coach Brian Kelly certainly looked like he was bothered during the moment of silence for that student who was killed because of his negligence. Although, it was not hard but to notice that he seemed more distraught about losing the game.

My question, why was Kelly even coaching? We talk about NFL players returning to the field after committing rape. After running dog fighting rings. After killing pedestrians. How was this any different?

If anything, what Kelly did was worse.

Kelly put a few wins over a student's safety. And to think, Notre Dame went out and lost the game. Let's be honest. Notre Dame might not be a good fit for the bowl subdivision level. A classic FCS team if there ever was one. And they went out and killed a guy?

Coach Kelly deserves to be in jail, at the very least. Having a job is a luxury he does not deserve.

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