Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A fan tried to kill A-Rod ... and they stopped it?

The security at Yankee Stadium needs to chill the f-out.

A deranged Yankees fan (as if there is any other kind) rushed the field at the House that Douchebags built, with the apparent intent to hurt, murder or maim Alex Rodriguez. And security stopped this?

Some how the underwear bomber made it on to a plane, yet this patriot was thrown to the turf like some schmoe. Come on guys, you need to let these things play out.

And really, with baseball ratings sagging the way they are -- with a potential Rangers vs. Giants World Series on the horizon -- the sport could use a boost that would come with the potential of A-Rod being bludgeoned at any moment.


Jimmy McMillan said...

You know why this happened, don't you?

Because the rent is too damn high!!

Chrissie O'Donnell said...

Where does it say you can't murder an overrated post-season tank in the Constitution?

Bokolis said...

It'll all play out that A-Ro(i)d- ever the attention whore- bought him the ticket...a work. You just wait.

Word verif: nonjoc

Just so you know, I had nothing to do with the regional reference above. The rent might be too damn high for gen-y'ers doubled up in a Brooklyn spithole, but it ain't nowhere near what it was three years ago.

Jimmy McMillan said...

Just so you know, I had nothing to do with the regional reference above.

Of course you didn't! It was short, funny, and worth reading!

And the rent is too dayum high!!

Bokolis said...

looks aren't everything

Anonymous said...

God you are a fucking idiot loser.