Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Weak Ender: A special request

Yeah, I am not even going to pretend there is a relevant reason for posting this photo today. Other than long time reader -- and friend -- Dr. Doug just had a baby boy and he is a huge fan of Alyssa. So is his twin brother who just became an uncle.

So brothers, enjoy your photo. And let's get to some football.

Can the 49ers offense thrive under new offensive coordinator Michael Johnson? The offense has no choice but to get better.

One of the reasons many feel that the 49ers could improve is that there will be an infusion of the spread offense. Johnson spent 2008 studying the spread offense. (And I need to ask, is this some kind of fellowship that anybody could sign up for, because it sounds fun.) QB Alex Smith thrived in the spread offense. WR Michael Crabtree thrived in the spread offense. Hey, this might be crazy enough to work, right?

Totally, because gimmicky offenses always work so well in the NFL.

We all remember how well Steve Spurrier‘s ‘Fun and Gun’ offense fared. Awesome for a week. And then defensive coordinators caught up to the offense the following week and the fun was over.

This situation in San Francisco should have a familiar ending. Johnson’s play-calling experience is an issue. And really, how much can be changed during the middle of the season? The 49ers coaches, led by Mike Singletary, seem to be in over their heads.

Hopefully the Falcons end the 49ers season on Sunday.

ONE NOTE, when talking about the 49ers you should realize that if our two Bay Area teams were Axis powers, the Raiders would be Germany, which everybody loves to hate. And the 49ers would be Japan, where it physically attacked our country, yet is less hated than our other rivals.

Which leads me to another question. Could anybody make a movie like Inglorious Basterds, but have our protagonists butchering Japanese soldiers during World War II? Japan bombed our country. The atrocities committed not only to our soldiers, but the Chinese were just as severe.

Yet, you can make a move like IG -- which I loved -- of German soldier butchering heroes, but would probably get run out of town for making a similar movie about the Japanese.

Just saying.

ENJOY VIKINGS RB Adrian Peterson while you can. This is probably his final year of relevance.

Yep, you read that right.

Let’s look at what we know about the Vikings right now. Peterson is good. Brett Favre is not. The Vikings see this and have decided to give the ball to Peterson seemingly on every play. And really, I almost expect the Vikings to spend their bye week thinking of Wildcat-type plays for Peterson to run. Maybe find the guy who is teaching Tim Tebow to throw and have him work with Peterson on his throwing motion.

Do you think he would throw more interceptions than Favre? Seriously, you would almost think that Lem Barney and Nightrain Lane were suited up for the Lions, who are the real-world equivalent of playing Madden on rookie level. Favre could only post modest numbers against the Lions, which likely means a heavy dose of Peterson going forward.

What does this have to do with Peterson next season? He’s on pace to surpass 370 attempts — the dreaded number that spells doom for running backs the following season. Peterson is only slightly above the pace (373 attempts, actually), so there is a chance that coach Brad Childress could see the light.

That does not seem likely, though.

Childress sees Favre every day. We only have to endure him on Sundays. The Vikings decided to play for this season when they brought back Favre, so figure it to be Peterson or broke going forward.


Is the baseball season still rolling on?


The Hatriot said...

Could anybody make a movie like Inglorious Basterds, but have our protagonists butchering Japanese soldiers during World War II?

Um Survey
This was
a short answer
to a very
stupid question.

THN said...

And none of them were done since the 1950s.

Diane said...

Just an FYI

If you accidentally type in, you'll be directed to a porn site.

You're welcome.

Bain said...

The Basterds were butchering Germans?
I thought they were killing Nazis.

The Hatriot said...

Way to

THN said...

I feel bad that I even have to explain the difference here. Seriously, I feel as though I am being Punk'd here. Because there is no way that you could be confusing this so poorly.

The movies you are referencing, although fictional, are somewhat realistic portrayals about what war in the Pacific was like. Would you not agree?

Inglorious Basterds – unless the California school system completely failed me – is completely fictional, and loosely based on the facts. Other than Hilter was a Nazi and Germany occupied France during the 1940s.

Now, maybe Hitler and Joseph Goebbels were massacred in a tiny Paris theater and I’m the asshole here. But if you think that you could make a fictitious World War II movie about Chinese American soldiers scalping Japanese soldiers and then having a climactic scene were two Chinese Americans are shooting machine gun rounds into Hideki Tojo’s face while still having this movie was seen as a comedy, well, I believe that would be incredibly naïve.

Like, believing that Meg Whitman didn’t realize that her house keeper was an illegal worker type of naivety.

The Hatriot said...

But you didn't say any of that in your original posts. It's ok. If I had written that I couldn't imagine people applauding "our protagonists butchering Japanese soldiers" I would want to walk it back as well.

Since your new thesis is that I.B. is sui generis, it follows there wouldn't be a similar movie making light of killing enemies in regards to any conflict, not just the Pacific Theater. Therefore, I could make an equally convincing argument (which ain't saying much) that the Hollywood is a scared to make a film like Basterds about hmmm... The Invasion of Grenada!... due to political correctness. QED!

K-Stew & Bain said...

Hey Bulldog fan, how about fetching us a couple Billy Beer forties and some bald peanuts while we tend to these hotties.

THN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
THN said...

Honestly, was any of that not clear in the original post? I feel the intent is very clear. Maybe I'm wrong.

贝贝 said...

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