Monday, September 13, 2010

The Post Mortem: Red Letter Day in Football

Who was the biggest winner on Sunday? The IT staff for the Greyhound Web site, since a Raiders' loss prevented all of their fans from overloading the site booking travel to Dallas for the Super Bowl.

Because right now, even the most ardent Raiders fan realizes that Jason Campbell is nothing more than a slimmed down version of JaMarcus Russell. Good luck with all of that.

But hey, at least Darren McFadden turned his annual one good game. Although it came in a losing effort. At least you got that one game out of him.

While we all rejoice in the Raiders' misery, let's not overlook their neighbors across the bay. Because every year, and I mean every year, the pundits are ready to hand the NFC West over to the San Francisco 49ers, yet they continue to disappoint. Every year.

And think about this when you look at the 49ers. The Raiders realized that Russell was a bust and they got rid of him. The Cardinals got rid of Matt Leinart. Yet, the 49ers continue to turn to Alex Smith year, after year.

Again, good luck with all of that suckers.

The 49ers rival only the Jets in undeserved hype every season. This has become rather disgusting. Enjoy your 6-10 season, Fricso.

What really made Sunday a special day was that St. Louis FC also lost. In front of maybe 20,000 fans in St. Louis. Seriously, if you cannot hold people in your stadium in a tight game with a rookie quarterback that was the top overall pick, then football is never going to work there.

The NFL should admit its mistake and have the team fold and restart the once proud Rams franchise in Los Angeles.


What a terrible officiating day in the NFL. Not what you want to see in Week 1. At least baseball has the no-replay to fall on when its umpires are terrible. What excuse does the NFL have?

Tim Hightower hit the ground and the ball popped out about six minutes later. Yet, somehow, this was ruled a fumble. And then -- because it was inside 2 minutes left in the game -- there was an automatic review of the play.

And despite the heavy visual evidence that the ground caused the fumble, the call was not overturned. Much to the dismay of broadcaster John Lynch, who obviously has not been jaded by the inability of NFL referees to see what ALL OF AMERICA can plainly see.

Then the referees decided the final play of the Cowboys vs. Redskins game. How about swallowing your whistle there and letting the players decide the game?

But the biggest grievance comes from that horrific call on Calvin Johnson's 25-yard touchdown reception that should have given the Lions at win at Chicago. The rule interpreted correctly, but the rule is absolutely stupid.

How long is a player required to hold on to the football? I think that a player should have to hold the ball for at least 24 hours before it can be ruled a touchdown. The player should have to go home and sleep with the ball. But if he drops it, no catch.

Way to go NFL. How you once again make a bad rule overshadow your game, it is amazing. Even PGA officials believe your rules are stupid.


R.J. said...

The Calvin Johnson call didn't surprise me. If it had happened to any other teams than the Lion and Raiders (Louis Murphy last season) then you'd see that rule overturned midseason.

And how does it feel to have the Chiefs in first place and the rest of the AFC West oh fer?

buckyor said...

"The 49ers rival only the Jets in undeserved hype every season."

You're kidding, right? On an annual basis, the two teams receiving the most amount of undeserved hype are clearly the Cowboys and the Chargers, two perennial preseason Super Bowl picks who never fail to disappoint. This weekend's disasters are simply a footnote the various chokes and other postseason failures served up by these to clubs.

Certainly when it comes to this season, though, you're right about the Jets. If you're gonna spend the whole summer telling everyone how big your Woody Johnson is, when you pull down your pants it better be hanging down by your knees. Instead, the Jets are the guy at the gym who wears his underwear into the shower. Or should.

Stalin said...

The NFL has too many rules. What an atrocity!

The Hatriot said...

In fairness, our host was probably too busy down mudslides and singing along to "Cornflake Girl" to notice, but the Cowboys have a good chance to be the eleventyth team in NFL history to go 10-6, lose in the first round, and have someone else play the SuperBowl in their home stadium

Richard Simmons said...

If the AFC West comes by here today, come and get me. I want to slap it around a bit.

GMoney said...

So the refs should have allowed Alex Barron to put Orakpo in The Million Dollar Dream? Since when should the Cowboys get away with breaking the rules?

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