Monday, September 27, 2010

The Post Mortem: Raiders Lead the Way

What are some of the most delightful storylines heading after just three weeks of the season.

GIANTS QB Eli Messiah is still brutal. Honestly, he will be viewed as the Trent Dilfer of the 2004 NFL Draft. That left-handed interception was one of the most brutal attempts at a play in quite some time. But nobody is willing to rip him because everybody loves his brother and treats his family as some sort of royalty.

Honestly, if Steve DeBerg had a couple of a-hole kids, would we think they were so great? And why was America’s Soccer Mom considered some great quarterback? Maybe it was the quarterback who was holding back the team.

THE 49ERS are annually the team that NFL pundits fall in love with. Oh, this is going to be the year that the 49ers reach the top. Well, they have been saying that since Mike Nolan’s second year with the team. But each season has been a disappointment. And do you think the Mike Singletary era is going to be any different?

Singletary went from a fire-and-brimstone coach that people loved, to a dude who is just plain crazy. Street rat crazy, if you will. This team has no chance.

But can somebody ask … how many offensive coordinators and coaches is Alex Smith going to be allowed to kill before somebody pulls the plug on him?

SPEAKING OF pulling the plug, underachieving again this season, Norv Turner? And yes, here we have an upstart team in the AFC West racing out to an undefeated mark. Where have we seen this before? Somehow the Chargers will find a way to win this division again. But destined for another playoff disappointment.

No, the truly greatest development is the Oakland Raiders continuing to blow. Seabass missing a chip-shot field goal was one of the least surprising, yet most rewarding plays of the first three weeks of the season. The Raiders finally did the right thing by going with Bruce Gradkowski, and this is how the organization is rewarded.

You have to love it.

BTW, one day after Seabass blows a crucial kick, George Blanda dies. Ironic?


Too bad for the Pac-10 haters, now that UCLA went to Austin and destroyed Texas. Wow, that was a beating. The Pac-10 is back, my friends.

Oh, and now we have a race to see who will line up against Boise State in the BCS title game. The Broncos are going to run the table – unless Nevada can rise up. And if that does not happen, Boise State deserves to be in the BCS title game. Nobody outside of Florida State and San Jose State plays as tough a schedule as Boise State.

The mistake the maroons make is that they look at what teams were ranked at the end of the season. But hey, Boise State cannot be faulted that Virginia Tech quit after it lost at home to Boise State. (Yeah, that was a road game for Virginia Tech.)

So to all of the Buckeyes fans, you have to admit that you have had too many chances and now it’s time to step aside. Kind of like the way the Angels are letting the Rangers take a crack at it this year.


Anonymous said...

as a Longhorn I'll admit we took a beating, and yes the Pac-10 looks good. but the f'ing Broncos, are you serious? Every team in SEC plays a tougher schedule than Boise St. That goes for the Big-10 and Big-12 too. The Broncos are a good team, but I don't believe they could handle the week-in, week-out punishment. On another note, college football should be set up like the Premier leagues with tiers (meaning Boise would be able to move up to a BCS conference). This will never happen due to the money involved for all the schools already in the BCS conferences.

Bain said...

Watching Clay Matthews play the other night, I started thinking, who is this guy? Where have I seen him before?

And then it hit me.

Bokolis said...

What's the Big-10? Fingers on a typical Chicago broad?

Speaking of which, you are right about the rankings. If you take a SoCal dimepiece to prom, your accomplishment isn't diminished because, 10 years later, she's looking like...a typical Chicago broad. Strength of schedule should be a snapshot of how your opponent ranked at the time of the match-up.

Blanda died knowing he'd've made that kick.

Braylon Edwards said he wanted to thank the Jets for "rydin" with him.

WCT said...

Strength of schedule has nothing to do with where a team is ranked when you play them, its about where they are ranked at the end of the year. Otherwise we overrate 1-AA level teams like Virginia Tech when they somehow end up in the preseason rankings.

By the way, Oregon State has fittingly dropped from the rankings. So Boise State has beaten zero ranked teams.

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