Thursday, August 05, 2010

Whose Side Are We On In This?

We have all heard about Brett Favre allegedly sending Cowgirl some photos of his junk while both were under the employ of the Jets. Well take it from me, Brett, she does not go for that kind of thing. Trust me.

To be honest, Cowgirl has nothing to gain from making up this story. You can bash her for using her buxom disposition for getting ahead in life, but she has not proven herself to be a liar. Can you say the same about Favre?

What we can blame Cowgirl for is talking to that moron over at Deadspin. What did she think was going to happen?

So the real question here, whose side is Diane on? Honestly, that was my first thought when I heard about this.


Bokolis said...

Trying to stay relevant isn't incentive?!? Cowgirl is already on the wrong side of 26.

buckyor said...

I suspect Diane is on the same side as I am on this- sick of hearing about either one.

The one interesting thing is that, aside from Sterger's primary claim to fame, she bears a remarkable resemblence to Deanna Favre.

Diane said...

Bucky's suspicions are correct. And unless Favre is known in the locker room as the white boy's answer to Charles Haley, he should probably resist the urge to share photos.

John Madden said...

Well, I've seen the photos, and that is not Brett's dick.

WCT said...

Two week in a row with now Weak Ender? Is Adam still on "vacation?" Can you even tell the difference??

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