Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Weak Ender: Reason to Watch the World Cup

For you Americans who have given up on soccer, there is a reason to watch. Larissa Riquelme will run nude if Paraguay wins.

Now, I have no idea who Riquelme was before the World Cup. But now she has become the most talked-about object outside of the Vuvuzelas. And all by a promise to streak.

If Paraguay team keeps their winning streak their fans would get to see something else as well apart from their team lifting the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

Paraguay Hottest Fan & Lingerie Model Larissa Riquelme who gained incredible popularity recently has made an public announcement which say that she would run naked with colors of Paraguay flag painted on her body on the streets of Paraguay if the team wins the cup.

Argentina's coach Diego Maradona has also made the same promise, and to be honest, I almost want them to win. Mainly because you can see plenty of nudes of Riquelme on the internets. None of Maradona. I am just going for the rare feat here.

THEY SAY that the Fourth of July weekend is the unofficial start of summer. But to me, summer does not officially start until Brett Favre starts tossing the ball to receivers at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, Miss.

Well get out your sparklers, illegal fireworks and cut-off T-shirts, because Favre is back throwing to some of the luckiest kids in Mississippi again.

But is it a coincidence that news of Favre working out in Mississippi comes on the same day that the LeBron James dog-and-pony show begins in earnest? We are just a Vuvuzela sighting away from combining the three biggest (and some would argue annoying) stories of the summer.

Thankfully, the Vuvuzelas will — hopefully — be a thing of the past once the World Cup is completed on July 11. Of course, if you are like a lot of Americans, the World Cup ended when Team USA was knocked out by, uh, that one team.

But does anybody think there will be a swift conclusion to the Favre or James drama? The celebration of ego will likely continue for some time. And what is more maddening is that both Favre and James are likely to have predictable conclusions.

Favre is going to play for the Vikings this year. Cris Carter even said so.

James is going to sign with the Cavaliers. Well, I am not an NBA expert, but he has to go back to Cleveland, right?

I am looking forward to watching the way James and Favre will try to one-up each other while the drama unfolds, however.

Maybe James shows up at a Cleveland-area high school to shoot hoops with some high schoolers. Maybe Favre shows up at a Twins game wearing a Yankees cap. Perhaps James is seen riding a tractor on his property. Or how about Favre in a rap video?

These two men obviously love the attention that comes with free agency/retirement, so I would like to see them get creative with it.

So, here is the question to all of you NFL enthusiasts, who is going to be the first to crack? Will Favre end up announcing his comeback, or will James actually decide where he is going to play next season?

That seems too close to call at this point. Although, I would sit in a room full of Vuvuzelas for an entire day if James and Favre would just cut to the chase and have this taken care of by the weekend.


Maybe the Angels should have held on to Vlade. But at least the team came out with a 2-1 series win. Small miracles. And who would have thought it would be Briant Fuentes who would be so clutch?


Bokolis said...

If Paraguay win, they should get every fit bird in the country to streak. It would probably be an easier task to round them all up.

I'm thinking (and hoping) that, as the need to use riff-raff for stadia filler lessens with the progression into the later rounds, vuvuzela usage will decrease to a bearable level. People that are paying $200(?) to get into a big match are there for the game, not to blow a horn.

DAWUSS said...

Is she supposed to be Cowgirl's replacement?

R.J. said...

LBJ cracks first. Or should I say Jay Z's wallet when he decides Brooklyn is the place to play roundball.

And about that model... nice cell phone.

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