Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Weak Ender: Geeks Gone Wild

I am not sure what is going on this week, but comic book geeks are freaking out over Olivia Munn. And who can blame them. How come comic book guy got her, and sports dorks got stuck with Erin Andrews.

Not cool.

I had always wanted to get down to Comic Con, but the thing has gone hipster. So kiss those dreams good bye.

ALABAMA COACH Nick Saban called agents "pimps" this week during the SEC media day. NFL Network's Jamie Dukes said that the root of the problem was money. Colleges and universities are making a mint on college players who are helpless to earn more money.

A small entity making a profit off an underpaid work force? Well, that would never work in the private sector, let me tell you.

Get off the high horse. If Reggie Bush and his family was really having money problems, he could have gone out and got a job instead of playing college football. Quite whining. There are plenty of talented people who are working 9-to-5 jobs, joining the military or finding ways to make ends meet. So get over yourselves.

WE HAVE not seen the last of the Kurt Warner Machine!

Well, we have on the football field. Do not expect to see Warner tossing footballs to high school kids in the near future.

Warner is enjoying the retired life. The future Hall of Fame quarterback said that he does not have the itch to return to the NFL in a recent interview with XTRA 910 in Phoenix (via Sports Radio Interviews) .

But the opportunities are starting to line up.

There has been talk of a reality television show (guessing not Survivor), and the inevitable Kurt Warner movie.

"Right now we’re just kinda weighing everything, trying to juggle things, and trying to figure out what the career path is going to be moving forward," Warner said. "From there, we want to take advantage of some of the neat opportunities that are out there."

Warner said that he was in Los Angeles to talk about some of the "neat" opportunities. But here is the pressing question we should all kick around as we wait for training camps to open.

Who plays Warner in the Kurt Warner story? Matthew Fox seems almost too obvious, right?

So who do you guys have?

Kurt answered the question on Twitter and said that anybody but a lefty could play the part.


Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson has never been afraid to swim with the sharks. He worked for Jerry Jones for crying out loud.

Johnson is now going to be swimming with a different set of sharks as he reportedly will be taking part in the upcoming season of Survivor, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Johnson is a huge fan of the show and was reportedly going to be part of the previous season, but had to back out last year because of health issues.

Johnson would be the second ex-Cowboy to appear on the runaway CBS hit, as former QB Gary Hogeboom competed a few seasons ago. Hogeboom chose to keep his identity a secret, but Johnson will not have that luxury. Johnson is a former high-profile coach who is still on television as an analyst and has been known to endorse some interesting products.

That will obviously make him a target. But he has a few things working in his favor.

Certainly the Cowboys fan boys are everywhere -- even in Nicaragua, where the series is being filmed. So that could help. Johnson's strategy should be to form an alliance with one of the cast members, and convince that cast member to take him to the final two because nobody would vote a rich former NFL coach for the $1 million prize.

But Johnson could then argue that he overcame his celebrity and that the final vote is not for the most needy, but the best player -- in this case, Johnson.

And it is entirely possible that I have thought way too much about this.


R.J. said...

I kept forgetting to buy tickets for SDCC year after year and once again I missed out on things like two Princess Leias making out with each other or a group of counter protesters shouting down Westboro Church in front of the Convention Center. You can't get stuff like that on a college football sideline.

The Hatriot said...

Two Princess Leias making out with each other? To quote Nick Nolte in the greatest football movie ever: "I don't believe a word of it, but I'm getting horny."

Bain said...

Who plays Warner in the Kurt Warner story?

I'm sensing a future resurgence in the careers of both Kirk Cameron and Ann. B Davis.

Diane said...

Adam - Was last night's chat with the KWM your first one on one with the big guy?

WCT said...

I had always wanted to get down to Comic Con, but the thing has gone hipster. So kiss those dreams good bye.

(sigh) 41 days till football season and the end of inane Weak Enders like this... Can't get here soon enough!

Reggie Rucker Fan Club said...

I am with you WCT. But love some Olivia Munn action. The only bummer is that Adam already did his Browns buzz kill.

Kaiser said...

Olivia Munn is nothing to write home about. then again, with my porn habit i'm numb to anything that isnt gushing from one hole or another. as for Kurt Warner, i dont know who could play him, but somehow someway, get mel gibson to play Georgia.

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