Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Post Mortem: Russell Would Rather Be Fat, Drunk and Stupid

JaMarcus Russell is no longer is on the Omaha Nighthawks’ provisional roster. That could only mean two things. Russell already has disappointed the Nighthawks’ coaching staff. Or Russell is quitting football altogether.

Of course, there is the possibility that Russell believes he is above the UFL and he will find an NFL job. Remember, this is the same guy who made a public appearance in Oakland shortly after being released by the Raiders. So self-awareness might not be one of his strong suits. And it’s likely the most reasonable explanation.

In fairness to Russell, former Raiders QB Andrew Walter was listed on the Nighthawks’ roster, too, and his name also was removed.

But considering the enormity of Russell’s failure in Oakland and his recent arrest, he probably should embrace any opportunity to be a professional football player.

Does anybody doubt that Russell will end up living in a car some day, poor and drunk on cough syrup?

REDSKINS QB Donovan McNabb has invited some of his new teammates to visit Arizona for workouts that he has dubbed “Hell Week.” McNabb told The Washington Post that the sessions will be so rough and so intense, it will feel like playing in the Super Bowl.

So all participants should expect to throw up in the fourth quarter.

All right, McNabb didn’t say that exactly, but he did call it “Hell Week” because of the hot temperatures in Arizona and the demanding nature of the workouts. But really, anybody who has played any level of organized football knows exactly what “Hell Week” is.

Redskins WRs Devin Thomas, Santana Moss and Malcolm Kelly are among those expected to participate starting Monday. This is a last-chance opportunity for McNabb to work with his new receivers before training camp, which begins July 29.

“I think it’s important for the specialists on the offense to have that chemistry, to have that bond,” McNabb said, “where they can trust me and I can trust them.”

The players will conduct a grueling workout in the morning, then finish by running routes in the afternoon. The Redskins receivers will have a chance to work opposite Jets CB Darrelle Revis, a regular to the program. No word on if embattled Chargers WR Vincent Jackson, who has worked out with McNabb, will be in attendance, too.

Thomas, who’s entering his third NFL season, believes the experience will be invaluable.

“You want to get on that same page where he knows where I’m going to break out at when we’re running certain routes,” Thomas said. “Just so you can get that confidence to where we’ve done it before without the pads on and without the pressure on. So when we get in those clutch situations in games, you have that comfort level you need.”

And after a hard day’s workout, the players will get together and study the NFL rule book. Specifically the new overtime rules. And after that — air guitar! And a quick lesson on how to look stupid taunting fans just prior to getting your ass handed to you in the playoffs.

DIMINUTIVE WR Antwaan Randle El is happy to be back with the Steelers. Or more to the point, away from the circus known as the Redskins.

The Redskins were a team in transition during the receiver’s four years in Washington. Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs came and went, and Jim Zorn seemingly was a lame-duck coach from the get go. Zorn’s employment status was one of the most deliberated topics inside the Beltway during his tumultuous two years, falling somewhere between health care and immigration reform.

Zorn never seemed to be the apple of Redskins owner Daniel Snyder‘s eye, and that was the problem, according to Randle El (via the Northwest Indiana Times).

“When Jim Zorn was there, he was hands-on,” Randle El said. “He had great potential, but Dan Snyder was too involved because he didn’t trust coach Zorn as much as he did coach (Joe) Gibbs, and those were things that prevented us from success as a team.”

The good news for both sides is that Randle El is where he wants to be after giving consideration to the Ravens and Patriots. And Snyder has found his man, Mike Shanahan.


How unpopular has Terrell Owens become? Even BP refuses to lobby for his return to the NFL.


Bokolis said...

This figures to be the only hell week where the soldiers are barking at the keeled-over drill instructor.

He should feel that way about his linemen, who'll have to protect his pudgy ass.

Bain said...

"Hell Week in Arizona" is redundant... like saying Ass Night in Super Paradise.

Moreover, comparing Hell to Arizona is an insult to those who made Satan's cut.

贝贝 said...

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