Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wait, what ... USC was cheating?

The sharks are circling.

Rivals of the University of Southern California football program already are having fun with the Trojans, who will receive NCAA sanctions.

Former Cal and current Packers QB Aaron Rodgers fired the first salvo (via Twitter on Wednesday night), taking aim at current teammate Clay Matthews, who played at USC.

“Looking forward to getting my PAC-10 championship ring from the ’04 season. Thanks @claymatthews52,” Rodgers wrote.

Matthews, of course, answered back via Twitter with nothing about admiration for his signal caller.

“I love this dude @AaronRodgers12!! Quietly emerging as 1 of the most outspoken QB’s in the NFL… That’s my quarterback *T.O. cry*,” Matthews wrote.

Yeah, these guys really give a (expletive), with all of the money they were taking in. Expect more to follow as the announcement has a ripple effect on the NFL.

USC will lose wins and awards and receive a postseason ban. However, it could be argued that the school enacted its own postseason ban earlier this year when it hired Lane Kiffin to be its football coach.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, obviously, will be questioned about his timing in returning to the NFL. And now it makes sense why Carroll was so nonchalant about Golden Tate‘s doughnut caper. Angling for a free maple bar isn’t quite on par with accepting a free house in San Diego.

The NFL likely will not levy a postseason ban on the Seahawks, though starting RB Julius Jones might do the trick. And if not, Matt Hasselbeck surely will end their season.

Saints RB Reggie Bush is at the center of the controversy, and his 2005 Heisman could be stripped and handed to Titans QB Vince Young. And as a special bonus for Vince, that trophy has likely violated Kim Kardashian.

Speaking of which, Bush is going to be forced to lose Kim back to Ray J, too. Tough break, kid. The only question left is who gets Matt Leinart's baby? Does he get to keep that?

But the LA Times Sam Farmer might have put it best when he said that with the sanctions, Los Angeles has now lost its third professional football team since 1994. (Well, it's FIFTH considering the Avengers and the Xtreme, but still a decent line.)


WCT said...

These must be tough times around THN headquarters. The Angels are looking up at the Rangers, the Pac-10 is getting watered down by the likes of Colorado, and that whole U$C "dynasty" never happened...

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