Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Is What Happens When You Try

Don't tell NBA players, but there seems to be a correlation between effort, hustle and winning. Because that is exactly what the Lakers brought to the table on Tuesday night, and no surprise, they emerged victorious.

I did, however, stay away from the postgame press conference, just incase Derek Fisher wanted to break out into tears after winning a game that did not quiet seal the title. At some point jubilation gives way to the notion that the Lakers could have wrapped this up in six games if they had performed this well in Game 5.

Oh, and I'm not buying this Kendrick Perkins thing, either. The Celtics knew they were doomed so they are pulling this stunt. Seriously, I have watched too much WWF to realize that Perkins is not hurt and that he will be on the court Thursday night. Because honestly Boston, with all of your flopping, Paul Pierce in a wheel chair antics, you cannot fool us anymore.

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