Thursday, June 17, 2010

Special Edition: America Wins!

Adam Morrison now has one less ring than Larry Bird. Morrison is just one ring away from being the Great White Hype and the Basketball Savior. How does that taste, Boston?

The Lakers win was a great win for America. Although, one of my friends on Facebook -- who is a Celtics fan -- tried to lay claim to the U.S. soccer team. Sorry, doesn't Al Queda have a soccer team you can root for? Because rooting for the Celtics is the same as rooting for terrorism. America is behind the Lakers. Nobody, outside of about million people in Boston even care about the Celtics.

And can I ask this? Can we trade Massachusetts for Mexico?

Phil Jackson drew some heat a few days ago when he said that the Celtics like to fold in the second half. The Celtics did not complain. Because they knew he was right.

Even Shaq had to come out and say that Kobe is the man, now. Although, I would not put him in the class of Magic Johnson -- the greatest player of all-time. Maybe I am romanticizing the past, but I cannot remember Magic having a game like Kobe did in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

And speaking on that, in my lifetime, the Lakers have own the Celtics. Just like Magic owned Bird. Morrison is on the verge of owning Bird. Kobe owning nearly more rings than the entire Celtics team combined, let's put to rest the notion that the Celtics are the premiere franchise.

Even Bill Russell realizes this. As you may have noticed, he was all over the Lakes podium. Sure he was giving out the MVP award, but still, do you think Magic would have looked that happy to be there? But you cannot blame Russell for wanting to associate with a winner.

And on the note of winners, how come the Buss kid was not allowed to talk this year?

One other note, Rasheed Wallace tried to go into the official's dressing room. Seriously Boston, do you try to be this douche-like?

The last note I have, we live in a wonderful neighborhood. The kids were walking around chanting "Boston sucks" after the game. I love those kids.

Honestly, this is a great day to be an American. God bless.


THN said...

How close were we to having Duke hoops, Yankees, Colts and Celtics as reigning champs at one time? Scary to think about. Lakers save USA?

THN said...

Artest would have been MVP if he was not crazy.

The Hatriot said...

I've been watching the NBA for 23 years. In that time, the Lakers have won 7 Championships, the Cellbitch 1. Head to head the score reads Lakers 2 Cellbitch 1. That's okay Cellbitch Fan. You can still run around telling everyone you were a dynasty back when dunks were illegal and the Association still played by the "2 at home, 3 on the road, and 4 if you're behind" rule.

The Hatriot said...

Oh and if that doesn't work, Cellbitch Fan, just tell 'em how the BloSox worked the Angels in the ALDS last year. Oh... wait... Is there any team in that second-tier city that doesn't have to walk around the excercise yard with its finger tucked in the belt loop of a SoCal team? And to make matters worse, the most confusing day of the year in Bawstin is coming this weekend: Fathers' Day. I foresee a lot of Mickey's bottles get smashed against the dingy, stained walls of third floor walk-ups and a lot of kids who look a little too much like the liquor store delivery boy getting beat with wire hangers...

Bokolis said...

I would have embraced the Celtics loss more had the scoreboard fallen on Kobe. The disgust I hold for him exceeds my distaste of all things Boston.

Diane said...

I can't seriously root for the Lakers until Kobe goes on his way. And having crazy dog-starving Ron Artest on the team isn't likely to win my affections either.

The Hatriot said...

Why didn't anyone tell me it's pearl-clutching day at THN?

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