Monday, June 14, 2010

The Post Mortem: This Post is Vuvuzelas Free

That was awesome of David Beckham to show up for the United States vs. England World Cup match, but why was he sitting on England’s side? You mean to say that he is not a part of Team USA?

Although, if Beckham played for America because of his Galaxy ties, I am sure many astute English observes would note that Tim Howard should be playing for England because of his Everton connection.

We will stick with Howard, thank you.

Because, as you can tell, goalkeeping means a lot in soccer. (Yes, that was a near Steve Bisheff-level of obviousness.)

For all of the congratulations and good feelings following America’s draw with England, there is something missing. I know that the U.S. does not have the soccer tradition of our European allies, but surely the States should be expected to beat a country like England right? I have to figure that are more students at Cal State Fullerton than in the entire country of England.

Honestly, England is a small Island nation. Surely we could find enough people in our country to be good at soccer right? And if we don’t China certainly will.

So I am here to say that we should beat England and be in the mix for the World Cup title. Why not?

And if we do not win, maybe we should take Chris Johnson, Darrelle Revis, Larry Fitzgerald and some of our other top athletes, pay them to dominate soccer, win the 2014 World Cup and then we can forget about the whole thing. How does that work for everybody?

BTW THE Columbian player who was killed for scoring his own goal in the 1994 World Cup thought that Green’s goalkeeping boner was rough. Yikes, he was like Jackie Smith in Super Bowl 13. Even Braylon Edwards thought he should have held on to the ball.

WRITTEN ON our English neighbor’s sidewalk over the weekend: “Who saved you in WWII?”

NEBRASKA IS in the Big Ten (or 12 now). Texas A&M is going to the SEC? All I know is that the people who make NCAA College Football have to be pretty pissed that all of this is happening right now. Though I believe that these conferences switches will not take place next year. Which will make a really strange lame-duck year for conferences such as the Big XII.

THE UNITED States did get a huge win over the weekend ... the Angels swept the Dodgers.


Vince Young is still stupid.


Diane said...

Is that photo of Becks THN's attempt to throw the Ladies a bone vis-a-vis TWE Girls?

No? Still, it works for me.

With most Brits, you want to hear them speak because American gals love an accent. With Becks? Not so much.

THN said...

DUH, of course it was. I will try to do that more.