Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Post Mortem: Of course, it happened to the Angels

Sometimes you have to marvel at how the Angels were able to win a World Series in 2002. Because no franchise seems to be as -- dare I say -- cursed than the Angels.

Of course, Cubs fans will likely have some say in this. But understand that the Cubs had a huge, huge head start in futility and have had nearly 100 years to perfect it. The Angels have only been around since 1961.

The Angels billboards around town have been promoting tradition. As in three name changes, numerous uniforms and an inordinate amount of bad luck.

Donnie Moore, Gene (expletive) Mauch, Mo Vaughn falling into the dugout during his first game ... No need to go on here.

So when you thought about a player having his season end after a walkoff grandslam, there was nobody else other than Kendry Morales and the Angels it could happen to.

Think about it. On Thursday night, Ron Artest is mobbed by his Lakers teammates after making the winning basket in Game 5. He does not get hurt. Because this kind of stuff doesn't happen to the Lakers. Mostly, it happens to the Angels. (Though Magic Johnson and Byron Scott's hamstrings might beg to differ.)

Watching Morales lay on the ground was one of the most sickening scenes that I have had to endure in sports. If only because the ultimate swings in emotions. The Angels did not have a grand slam during the entire 2009 season. And to win a game against the Mariner with a grandie was awesome.

Oops, I sure hope he is joking around there is the phrase that I said when he first went down. Followed, of course, by a string of profanities.

And it wasn't so much that Morales was hurt for the year. But now he becomes the Bill Gramatica of football. A laughing stock for a franchise that has worked so hard to shake that label.

Tuesday, of course, brought what you would expect. Jim Rome tried to be funny when talking about it, but failed like one of the comics you would expect to find at some hotel ballroom in Aliso Viejo.

Just awful.

And really, the Lakers kind of helped take the sting away. But this one really killed. Hopefully Mike Napoli can continue his hot streak, take over 1b, and the bullpen can pull their collective heads out of their (expletives). Heck, even Scot Shields pitched a scoreless on Monday.

But still, nothing takes the sting away from once again being a laughing stock again.


I will admit it, I raced in from a pool party to see Howie Kendrick's walkoff celebration on Sunday. Strange.


kid vegas said...

At least your boy had a reason to be celebrating. Bill Grammatica was celebrating a meaningless 30 yard field goal in the 2nd quarter like he just won the Super Bowl (as he and Martin did every FG or XP they made), so umm you've got that...

Booger said...

Its Absurd to compare the Angels to the Lakers. The Lakers have had decades of success, whereas the Angels had maybe 5yrs of adequacy.

But at least this site is off of Bloguin!!!

WCT said...

1) they won it all in '02

2) they haven't been able to get it done when it counts since then

3) they have a guy get injured while celebrating.

The Angels are looking more and more like the Ohio State Buckeyes everyday...

Fletch said...

STFU, man. [/Giants fan] Fucking Angels...

THN said...

Well, I didn't compare them to the Lakers, just point out that stuff like that typically does not happen to the Lakers. Only the Angles.

I hear the Angels bat helmets are getting buckeye leafs soon.

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