Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I tend to agree with Paul Pierce ...

... this series is not coming back to Los Angeles. Hey, he said it, it would be rude to disagree. A couple of shotgun thoughts about Game 3. The first being that there is no way that replay will ever come to baseball after that debacle. That NBA just illustrated that the referees do not know what they are calling half, eh, most of the time. Toughest job in sports, but good lord, get a call right from time to time.

The Celtics should be commended for giving a nod to Team USA soccer with all of the flopping. You know Celtics, you could always try to actually put the ball in the basket from time to time.

Ray Allen, ah, let's not wake him. He is still sleeping.

Was Kevin Garnett this big of a (female dog) in Minnesota, or did Boston do this to him? But congratulations Boston, your fans are quickly gaining on Utah fans as the NBA's worst.



I don't mind the review as long as the refs get it right. It's better than an a-hole ref that is wrong and refuses to change his mind. BTW since this is a sports blog what do you think of the two most over used terms in basketball right now that makes me cringe when I hear them?
1- "BIGGS"
2-"50-50 Balls"

The Hatriot said...

Well, Massholes may not have the porn addiction/sham religion issues of Utahistan, but they are world-renowned for their alcoholism, bigotry and child-abuse. Mystic River was actually an idealized, Disney version of the place. BTW Boston, if the girls in the front row seats are your varsity, your women are even bigger fugs than I remember. No wonder when the old man came home after a 12er of Mickeys he would rather take a belt or a coat hanger or a Hot Wheels track to your ass than go stick it in that bucket of ugly that was waiting upstairs.

Bernard said...

Yeah, it's great to know that the officials with 2 minutes to go in a game can just throw their arms in the air and say, "let's go to the tape!". Why not just use the old "IBM presents You Make The Call" for every play down the stretch and let the fans partake and decide the outcomes, what's the difference really. They should get rid of the refs in the final two minutes anyways, it's not like you or I can't review a tape or miss an obvious foul on the Celtics PG from Kentucky. I really wish that whiny female dog wouldn't have been whistled for the offensive foul on Pau because Jesus Shuttlesworth missed the layup, 0-14 would have been awesome. I didn't see Rosario Dawson in the stands, she must have left early with that sports agent when Jesus was throwing up all those bricks... poor Jesus, he needs to find Rick Fox and those two whores to get his game back on track.

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