Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Look: Well, That Sucked

If somebody would have told me that the Angels were going to sweep the Doyers and I was still going to be depressed on Sunday night, I would have said, "Well, I guess that means Fullerton and the Lakers are going to lose."

And that is what happened.

Nobody cares about Fullerton, so I will be brief. The program has gone to hot doggery. Flashy fielding opened the flood gates. If somebody could catch with two hands, the Titans would be in Omaha. The Titans deserved to lose.

So did the Lakers. Being down 3-2 is not the end of the world, at least not with the team coming home for two games. But the Lakers need to put forth a better effort. The Lakers seemed to sleepwalk through the final two games in Boston. Like they shut it down after winning Game 3. Honestly, mailing in NBA Finals games? This makes hoops worse than soccer at times.

I would like to point to the officiating or something like that, but the Celtics were shooting 60 percent on Sunday night. That's awful. Honestly, this series isn't even fun.


Sun Devil said...

A-S-U! A-S-U! A-S-U! A-S-U! A-S-U! A-S-U! A-S-U! A-S-U! A-S-U! A-S-U!

Also, I stole your joke about USC already self-imposing a postseason ban with the Kiffin hire. Everyone loved it. Prolly shoulda given credit. Oh well. Go Devils!

The Hatriot said...

Hey, Doyer-fan. Don't you hate it when the tenants' team plays the landlords' team and the landlords' teams sweeps? Now, jump in the back of the stake-bed. We've got some dry wall to hang.

THN said...

Have them join my Facebook Fan page, Sun Devil. But no worries, keep using it.

贝贝 said...

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